Don’t Multitask

Do Not Multitask. This basically means that you must focus on one thing at a time to maximize your productivity and efficiency. It’s much easier to get something done when your full undivided attention is focused on it instead of ripping yourself up between different things.

It’s a simple concept that is very hard to follow and I am personally guilty of multitasking in some ways. Ideally I would spend my days working at my job, and afterwards coming home to work on my app, day after day after day. However instead of doing just that, I also play handball, go to the gym, compose on the piano, as well as play games and watch shows at my friend’s house late at night. Obviously the ideal way is preferable to getting work done, but it’s really hard to live like that. I really love to play handball and am trying my best to reach a professional level and win some tournaments. That means I have to practice continuously. I also really enjoy seeing my body get bigger and stronger at the gym and I can’t imagine letting myself gdontmultitask3o ever again. I only play piano every once in awhile so that’s not so bad, but my biggest improvement was cutting down on my game time. I used to be a hardcore gamer. I’m talking 6+ hours a day of gaming. Now I only play like once every few weeks or so. So yeah I’m not perfect but I have made major improvements to how my time is spent, and I’m better for it.

While the activities mentioned above don’t really contribute towards the journey to financial freedom in any way, at least they’re not as mentally strenuous because of that. It’s even more important to not multitask when dealing with your primary work. For example, right now I’m trying to finish the journey through apps and possibly eBooks. I would never work on an app and ebook at the same time. It’s just too much mental juggling. First I’m going to finish the app, then I’ll write an ebook, then I’ll do something else to completion, etc etc etc you get the idea. Please do your best to focus on one thing at a time, we function much better that way.


For the last few days my daily routine has been job work sleep, job work sleep, job work sleep. I haven’t played sports, haven’t been to the gym, and barely socialized with anyone. The whole time I’ve been extremely focused on my game app. However, I can feel my willpower waning day by day and I know that eventually I won’t be able to resist and will get in some sport and gym time. That’s OK though, the interesting part is this intense burst of productivity that I’ve achieved for the last few days. I always advocate working at least a tiny bit on a daily basis to prevent stagnation and getting burned out, but really focusing hard a few days at a time can result in visible progress. Although my app is still unfinished, it’s looking much more complete compared to just 3 or 4 days ago. The most important part though is that I worked only on the app, nothing else. I didn’t multitask at all and was at peak productivity. Imagine being this productive every single frickin day, you’d be free in no time 🙂 Don’t multitask!


This article has been in the works for almost 3 weeks at this point. Since my last update I have completely quit the gym to free up time. I’ve been able to work on my app at my job, and I’ve gotten a little bit of sports in as well. I’ve played some games and watched shows late nights on weekends as well. I’m doing my best to not multitask and to not waste my precious time. At the end of the day though no matter what paths I take, roads I travel, nooks and crannies I go through, decisions and challenges that I face, it all boils down to either success or failure, and that’s just adontmultitask2 simple 2 way fork that exists in your mind. Do yourself a favor and cross over, it’s a lot less crowded but also a little lonely. No biggie though, that’s what internet is for (it’s not ALL porn). Oh and remember, have no doubts, have no regrets, you’ve made the right choice 🙂

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