Stagnation Report 8/2014

The month started out weak but by the end I was working on my game daily, I’m at the optimization stage at this point, there will be no new features added into the game, It’s a painfully slow process making my first to be released game but it’s a path we all must take on the way to success, the knowledge won’t enter my brain on it’s own.

Stagnation Log 8/14


Got some more app work done at work, lots of research about the optimization process, apparently i went to far with the lighting in my game, lights are expensive and smartphones are actually not that fast…

Solved my problem like i thought i would. I’m sure more roadblocks will pop as the app is nearing completion but we’re gettin there.

running into some problems with the app, as im polishing it into a final product, but ill overcome them as i always have… one way or another

Worked on second project and got a basic framework set up.
My partner in texas is gonna submit an older project i worked on to steam greenlight, spur of the moment type thing.
I’m continuing to work on the game app, so pretty active all in all.

Didnt do much this weekend EXCEPT got my partner in texas to work on a second app ive had in mind, so now we’re killing 2 birds with one stone which is awesome.

Worked into 8/10 at the office on the app… dead tired… gonna sleep in my chair.. wake up in 3 hours for 6 am shift… got lots of work done, im proud…

I got my dates all mixed up but regardless i got some work done… yesterday.

busy “work” day, didnt get work done

NOTHING AGAIN, twas my weekend. Tomorrow back to work hard


Worked on app at work

Worked on app at work

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