Stagnation Report 9/2014

Very productive month with a very unproductive 3 week period. I guess I finally burned out for a little while and took a break from working, but at the very end i got significant work done. That’s the nature of the journey, minor setbacks come and go and progress is slow but steady.

Stagnation Log 9/14


Worked on my app, finally ran it on a phone for the first time! very badly optimized… but the people i showed it to already say it looks fun.

Completed the most major optimization of my app and implemented the new lighting system. The game looks awesome and is really getting there.

had a lazy lazy weekend…

Work was terrible today so much work… nonstop in front of monitor for hours… i can’t today…

Read a workout book, did some more research, gonna get back to the app soon.

Did ton of research about calisthenic workout for mass building since i don’t have time or patience for the gym at the moment. Gonna work out at home. No app work done though.

Absolutely Nothing

Not much to say, got a good amount of work done, things are going well, solved all my problems so far with the app. Pushing forward.

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