Stagnation Report 10/2014

This is it, i have to finish this game in November. I’m getting a little sick of working on it lol, it has been pretty much 1 full year since the idea of making a 2D game popped into my mind. The first few months I only worked a little at a time, but 6 months in i really started working hard on the app. I learned AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT while working on this project, not just actual knowledge but also kind of the ebb and flow of the whole process. I do my best not to overwhelm myself with work and take it a step at a time and it works. I have backups of the game going back months and months. Looking at the game in june for example, it has clearly come a long way. The game itself is very simple, but the feel of it has drastically improved over months of work. I’m now doing some final optimizations, then i will balance the game, improve the controls, fix up the social networking stuff, add banner and that’s it pretty much! ONWARDS!

Stagnation Log 10/14

Worked on app

Major bug fixed, i was determined not to go home after work until i solved it, it was driving me absolutely crazy, thank god that’s over now. Didn’t do anything over my 2 day weekend though.

Working hard on the game

Working hard on the game

Haven’t done anything, this has been a bad 2 weeks. Don’t know why, i’ve just been feeling tired all the time. Maybe it’s my sugar withdrawal, i’ve cut it out of my diet.

Work has been draining me lately, I am almost done with optimizing my app though.

Nothing much actually…

I think i’ve figured out how to solve my app optimization issues once and for all. If it works out then the biggest hurdle will be in the past.

Working working working working working

Worked on app for 4+ hours at work

Worked on app for 4-5+ hours at work

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