Stagnation Report 11/2014

Super Brief: Amazing month with big breakthrough in making my game fun, but also a long 2 week break where i did nothing, im back at it now though still optimizing some things but also implementing final touches and stuff. The most difficult parts are in the past, game development related at least… ONWARDS!!!!! AHHHH!!!

Stagnation Log 11/14

Ok thanksgiving break is over… 2 weeks of barely any work… but now I’m back and it’s time for the final push to really get this game fully finished.

Last week and half didn’t do much app work at all, but before that I had massive breakthrough in my gameplay! the game is really fun to play now! i gave a prototype to various friends and they all enjoyed it! I guess i sorta took a little break afterwards.

Worked on app, still trying to balance it, it’s quite a challenge.

Stayed overnight at my job to work on the app, got nothing better to do anyway right? I was dead inside by the time i left work the next day though lol

I have to upgrade my control scheme to touch controls, did lots of research into how to get this done.

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