Stagnation Report 12/14

Years over, there’s work to be done… app almost finished… just another month in a string of months, theyll all be over before we know it…

Stagnation Log 12/14

working on app, nothing new to report, ran into some issues but solving them now… should be ready to publish on google play by late thursday maybe

lots of hours spent workin on the app, did play handball one day… couldn’t help myself… WROTE AND ARTICLE THOUGH!!! WHOHOOOO!!! finally got inspired enough to write one.

Spent my weekend working on this new app, lots of manual work involved to create the content, mostly copy and pasting values but with over 400 images it gets tedious… well if i bust my ass the app may be out by this saturday! or at the very latest by january 1st 2015 🙂

Man… i was actually starting writing a new article because i was so mentally defeated a few days ago. It’s about how after a year even though i made so much progress skillwise, my external life itself still has not changed in any meaningful way. Same bullshit job, same garbage pay, same garbage winter weather… i know i’m on the right path, but damn it’s been getting harder and harder to remain happy when ur life is so full of shit… BUT then my coworker/graphic designer for my game suggested that i make this quick app related to north korea that i had in mind for months now. With this whole movie controversy it could be the perfect time to release it. Another friend of mine gave me the same suggestion a day before but i shot his down lol. I guess now changed my mind, and honestly this is JUST what the doctor ordered. With all the knowledge i acquired so far I’m already 90% done with the app! it did however take 2 30+ stay up sessions in 4 days to learn some new Unity3d UI stuff quickly. But on the bright side this will help with the other game i’ve been doing for over a year now. All that UI knowledge and upcoming publishing on google play and istore knowledge will transfer over. I will have to update the article i started writing with this solution of starting an even smaller new project if needed. It really did bring a spark back into my life.

I’m giving up handball(again), i just can’t enjoy the game unless i obsess over it and devote a lot of time to it, which i can’t if i want to keep good progress with the app. That’s 2 days i could have spent working on it but instead I was playing handball outside, and the result is i’m very frustrated because my skills have gone down a lot since i don’t play much anymore and i also haven’t done any work on the app. This is why focusing on one thing at a time is best…. no more of that, from now on any “relaxation” time i spent will be on activities i don’t take seriously like watching a show or play a video game or something, not sports which i am hardcore about.

worked on app at work, didnt work on monday my first weekend day.

Working on the game, took weekend off

Working on the game

Working on the game

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