Stagnation Report 1/15

Full circle, a year of my life gone, February once more. It would be an understatement to say that I am a different person compared to who who i was last year. 2014 may have been the most significant year of my life. Sometime during this year i fully internalized the “get rich or die trying” mentality. In my case of course “rich” just means a passive income 1000/month to start with.

One year ago i had no blog, no apps, no app experience whatsoever… now i got a blog, a released app, a year of app development experience, and a second app in the final stages.

I could have spent 2014 like almost all my previous years, going with the flow through life, taking each day as it comes, never taking real hardcore initiative to actually start something significant. I did not do that however, i spent the year building my future, a brick at a time. In fact I’m still building the foundation, but at least if before the foundation was an untouched plot of land, it is now a giant hole in the ground with cement and steel cables littering the place and construction crew running around frantically trying to make up for lost time.

It’s been messy, but productive. I can’t wait to see what i can accomplish in 2015!

I feel more alive than ever before.

Stagnation Log 1/15

worked on app

Worked on app, I’m back in the groove.

Got my contacts… back to work today, already started working, tomorrow will continue.

app aint taking off, oh well moving on.
dont have any contacts for my eyes, big storm in NY, store has been closed, cant fuckin work on my zombie game with this eyesight… having to lean in mad clos to monitor… 2 monitors… havent worked on apps for almost a WEEK… dam it…hope its open tomorrow…

Almost earned 1$ from ads lol… well baby steps right? got a handful of 5 star reviews from friends… non from complete strangers so far. It’s only been like 3 days for now… ive gotten the apple process done(which was very boring and painful) but i guess it’s cool to see how the backend process of app development works for google and apple. Anyways im back to working on the zombie game, and now armed with the knowledge of the new Unity UI system and the complete publishing process, i feel much closer to completion than before. Almost nothing is unknown to me anymore, i now have experience with the complete process.

This is it, i released the android version of my game!
What’s Kim Looking At
Overall took me about a month and many many many sleepless nights…  this is a milestone for sure as a personal accomplishment, but just another mile marker on my journey to financial freedom.

App is super close to being finished, it’s taking longer than i thought to finish the content.

Dam man working on the app content is very physically and mentally draining… but after a week it’s almost done… just a little more to go… I can at least say 100% that the app will come out January. if it doesn’t, a wormhole will open and swallow the world or something…


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