Stagnation Report 7/15

Zombie Crisp is submitted to apple. New game well underway. Not much else can be said… anyway it’s saturday, im at the office and lots of office work heading my way… 

It’s been a crazy frustrating month trying to fix the iphone version xcode bugs… considering i knew NOTHING about xcode it’s been a hell of a challenge. My googlefu is powerful. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here on out… but i know better than that…

Stagnation Log 7/15

worked on game for some time but not nearly enough… slacked off today. On the bright side finally submitted zombie game to apple!!!!! 100 fingers crossed.

excellent progress.

spent all day at work working on new game, coming along very nicely… feels so good to focus on a WAY simpler project.
all fixed, can finally submit to apple… fingers crossed till broken… new game looking promising people like it. Perhaps things are starting to pick up after this terrible month and a half…

Spent all motherfucking day yesterday in front of a motherfuckin monitor… first at work… then at friends house on the mac fixing iphone version… 2 hours of sleep… I’m fuckin crazy…

woke up in the middle of the night… really messed up my sleep… feel pretty tired again today…

another day no access to mac… but plugin people still didn’t answer my question anyway…

I almost got everything fixed with the iphone version after many many hours… only got a bug left with the google play leaderboard… im getting rid off the facebook leaderboard cause it’s not all that great anyway since it only shows friends and not global, and i’m not 100% its functioning properly anyway… Anyways… doing my best to catch up on sleep… my new game is in progress, i will be taking today off… woke up at 4 pm already anyways…

the sleep deprivation is reaching critical levels… my dumbass was beting alien isolation last night instead of sleeping… got like 3 hours of sleep… BUT GOOD NEWS POTENTIALLY… i may have a solution for my iphone problems… gonna test out today on the mac… if all goes well i may submit it to apple TODAY.

got to work… feeling serious.

whew finally completed my big facebook guide, hopes it helps people. Still gotta fix iphone bugs… hopefully today i can come over friends house.

cant fuckin work with moms youtube russian talk show blaring over my head….

last night got some good work done on my social facebook guide. Will continue it at work today. My mac friend has BBQ today so can’t visit, but tomorrow i will come over to work on zombie crisp iphone. Meanwhile i can continue making my next simple simple game.

i am disappointed cause yesterday instead of working nonstop on my iphone version at friends house, we fuckin played borderlands 2 for like 8 hours, and i only worked on app for 2 hours… I was really tired from night before as well, which weakened my fortitude!!!
Next time i visit its strictly business until im done!

too fuckin tired right now….

arrived at work, must finish my guide., going to friends house after work, hes got a mac, spent all day at his house yesterday updating his damn firmware lol… and playing some games… sigh…

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