Stagnation Report 8/15

AHHHH the frustration i wanna get this damn shit done… it’ll get done.. i got this!

Stagnation Log 8/15

finally fixed project issues that prevented me from even importing the damn plugin right, unbelievable… no actually its totally believable… the universe is trying to stop me but I will triumph, it’ll have to kill me to win. Now im fully focused on integrating the damn plugin. This SHOULD be the final critical thinking challenge pertaining to zombie crisp… but we’ll see, im not holding my breath…

fuckin problems even importing the new plugin into the zombie project… great… fuck…. all day spent trying to fix…

choices… fuckin choices… the neatplug guys fixed their plugin… but after doing research while they were gone ive decided to put gamecenter on the iphone version instead of google play. So even though i can technically release the app now and itll work i choose not to. Also currently i only have facebook and twitter sharing. This new plugin that ive been looking at contains more forms of sharing such as Whatsapp which is apparently huge. I think it would be smart to incorporate it into the game. Then there’s this other plugin that’s expensive but very well done leaderboard/achievement/cloud save plugin. But the indian plugin that i wanna get contains leaderboard functionality but its not quite as dedicated to leaderboard as the expensive one. There’s also a free version of indian plugin that has sharing and i could just get the expensive one for leaderboards but the free version was published with an older version of Unity3d… So all this shit has been stewing in my mind for awhile not and im going crazy. I think ill just buy the fuckin indian plugin because i kill 2 birds with one stone, and forever forget neatplug because they’re just too remote… its settled… mind is once more at peace…

waiting for release of my other replacement plugin, once i integrate that i should be good to go, fingers crossed real hard… meanwhile casually working on blockity hop.

new ad plugin fully figured out, i hope.

just woke up half hour ago… i must have spent total of 12 hours nonstop work on app at home yesterday… some progress and some setbacks…but im full on work mode now.

i did boss fuckin work today, was super sleepy first 6 hours at work then finally fuckin pulled it together and worked almost nonstop figuring out the new admob plugin i bought and making excellent progress, in fact i might actually be done, will have to test at home, no internet here for my phone. my body feels fuckin zombified from sitting all day… sacrifice…

im replacing all my neatplug plugins with alternatives so im gonna purchase 2 new plugins, figure out how to integrate them into my new game project, then i will update the android version of my zombie game and then do the iphone version. After im done with all this and the iphone version is successfully on the appstore itll be safe to say I’ve hit a major milestone in my entrepreneurial career. It SHOULD be smooth sailing from here on out, fingers crossed….

app rejected on apple. That’s it im moving on to a different plugin provider. I found a really nice new company that’s active on Unity forums and has better support forum and are based in india, far more stable than china. I was pretty shaken up and defeated the last 2 days but now that i found a new promising company to work with I feel so much better, like i got some progress again…. I think things are going to work out fine.

game really shaping up well.i cant overstate what a relief it is to work on a simpler project. Instead of having 100 big challenges i only got pretty much 1 big challenge, the one main mechanic. Everything else is childs play so far.
worked on app

lots of office work but at least yesterday i think i figured out how to make my new game work properly 100%

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