Stagnation Report 10/15

Gotta get shit done!!! AHHHH!!!

making zombie crisp into paid app.

release updated kim jong il game on apple.

finish hoppity hop.

Stagnation Log 10/15

well had to to fix unexpected bug and reupload to apple… now we wait… again…

after a grueling weekend… Zombie Crisp is submitted. In 2 weeks i will find out if my 2 year saga is complete… Im so fuckin sick of this game… lol im fuckin going crazy…

mac arrived, finished setting up everything i think…
I’ve been kind of in a rut for the last week or 2… mostly sleeping sleeping sleeping… not doing much at work either.. but im focused now again.

waitin for my mac…
unity is really fuked up right now with bugs… perfect timing of course… as usual… fuk u universe u can’t make me give up, thank you for giving me a shot though, i appreciate the gesture.

ordered a 200 dollar macbook…

worked a bit on my app.

down in the dumps… was at friends house before yesterday and tried finishing apple version but ran into linking errors in xcode… emailed plugin provider with screenshots and he sent me another version of plugin to test, however my friend worked all day and now i gotta be at work tonight… maybe tomorrow ill get another chance to fight for my financial freedom… meanwhile ill do what i can to prepare the project for testing immediately.

discovered massive bug in app, with 3 lines of code to fix… incredible… it’s related to fullscreen ads and would have destroyed any revenue to be had… fuckin insane… thank the lord i did one final check game test and discovered what the problem was… fuck man… its scary how i almost missed it… jesus… lesson learned, quadruple fukin check anything involving income to make sure no errors exist… and the android version got like 400+ downloads with incorrect fullscreen ads… great…

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