Stagnation Report 11/15

I got derailed this november, i was gonna go full force with my hoppity hop game but now im gonna do a quick infinite runner first…id by lying if i said i was very motivated…

i know i should be but this package i bought has a lot involved for me to learn, and i WILL do it and i AM doing it little by little, i just need to really give myself a slap in the face and bang this game out… and then get back on track with hoppity hop.

Zombie Crisp is pretty dead now, no downloads at all… oh well moving on.

Stagnation Log 11/15

learning new plugin to make the side game..,

Got to do a different game for some big shot client or something… Don’t know how that’s gonna work out… then back to hoppity hop. I don’t think it’s gonna take too long to make this new game.

workin on hoppity hop

working on hoppity hop

zombie crisp published on appstore. End of an era, or more accurately a reached milestone.

Solid work done on hoppity hop today, i am pleased.

made game free again, currently awaiting review by apple.
Continuing work on next game.
still resolving some damn bugs with plugin dudes…

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