Stagnation Report 12/15

oooh… man… its daunting man, not the workload, but the fact that all this time I still gotta attend my night job… that’s the only hard thing about all this, its the only thing that brings me down. How many more months or even years am i gonna have to hop the fuckin train, go to that goddamn office and go back. How long before i can finally have the life i want for myself. I honestly have no clue and I’m not about to quit or anything, but man it sure weighs heavily on my mind. Well… its 2:47am, 2 hours and 47 minutes into 2016 and i got a game to finish.

Stagnation Log 12/15

back at work, woke up at 9pm, this is the only part of my new habit im struggling with, sleeping until 2pm at the latest. Every time i sleep till 9pm i literally just do work sleep work sleep work sleep… Very unhealthy, and i dont get to exercise or get any sun at all. I got this though i got this. Well it doesn’t help that its been raining and cold the past few days… sigh… BACK TO WORK. HOPPITY HOP. lol sometimes i just feel retarded while working on it, playing around with stupid dog bark sound clips, lol whatever well see what happens.
worked on hoppity hop
purchased both the screen recorder and a video editor, worked on creating some content for hoppity hop. Aint gonna be done by january 1st, but whatever i am working continuously and am making very good progress. Renewed my apple developer subscription, there goes 100 bucks…. must have put in well over 1000 into my goals in the last 2 years. just gotta keep going man, keep goinΒ  and going and going and see what happens. πŸ™‚

made pretty decent progress on hoppity hop. It’s pretty much done gameplay wise. All that’s left is all the other stuff… πŸ™‚

worked on hoppity hop, still trying to get my new schedule in check, hardest part is waking up but thats a work in progress. Im moving forward with my gaming youtube channel as well πŸ™‚ so even if i stay home instead of playing handball i can work on making game videos which is significantly less strenuous than making games. I don’t really see this as splitting myself between projects since the youtube thing is wayyyy more lightweight than my app stuff and can potentially be huge for me, you never know right?

i need to take this to next level, i need a daily routine to maximize my work and keep my head in the game. I’m thinking something like after work get home around 7AM, sleep until 1-2pm which is 6 to 7 hours. Then i will eat, exercise and go play handball(my 1 passion), then i will go to work at do my absolute best to get my actual night job out of the way ASAP, and work on my game as long as possible, no distractions, all business, and then go home. I think i can make this work and i’ll get everything i need done. Now at first it might seem that going to play handball daily is currently an unwise way to spend my day since i could be working on my app at home and then work on my app at work, however it’s actually detrimental to my productivity to sit at a computer that much. I admit that i have indeed reached my limit, i can’t help it, im fucking burned out as fuck and when im at the computer for this many hours for years now i just can’t do it so much anymore, i need some kind of fuckin reprieve. At least my reprieve happens to be a very healthy form of exercise which truly makes me happy when im playing. I really think that this routine will really work for me if i can stick to it, WHICH I WILL, the most difficult part is surprisingly going to sleep when i get home, but i will get used to it im sure, especially if i spent the day playing handball and then also went to work with extreme focus.
On weekends im not sure, maybe ill get more sleep, i don’t know if i wanna get actual night sleep on weekends, really not sure. but for weekdays i think i got it down pretty good. Maybe letting the weekends be no mans land is a smart choice so at least i have 2 days to have some freedom to do anything without worrying about schedule. But during week i must focus, all my discipline will be put to the test. Starting tuesday since i dont think ill be attending work monday… toe injury.

finished working on infinite runner game, just needs model replacements and thats it. Working on hoppity hop now, feels good getting this done.

almost done tweaking the infinite runner package, yesterday spent like 8 hours really focused on making the controls feel right, and i think i did pretty good πŸ™‚
Also upon further thinking i will proceed to release the simple endless version of my hoppity hop game, i can always release Hoppity Hop World or something at a future date πŸ˜€
Itll be pretty cool to get one last game out there before the end of the year, at least on android, that would really make this an epic year. 2016 should be even better. ONWARDS!!!(barring death or severe injuries :/)

got the controls working properly, now gotta do visual animation syncing, after that its all visual changes to the game, and anything else like leaderboards and/or adsΒ  i already know how to do. I don’t want to do microtransactions…. just dont wanna do it…

working on modifying infinite runner package to suit my needs. currently im on the controls part, gotta make it feel and look right, this is the hardest part. Once that’s done, the rest should be easy….

working on infinite runner.


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