Stagnation Report 1/16

Progress has been made this month, content wise hoppity hop is done, the boring tedious stuff is what’s left. I’m pretty sure i’ll have it out on android this month, but you know how life is… something can go wrong… keep calm and carry on.

Stagnation Log 1/16

bad week no progress, too much job stuff at work and when i get home i slept for like 10 hours… i just couldn’t get up… don’t know why, maybe because theres snow everywhere so i can’t even go practice handball and get some physical exercise done. But i think im good now, i can feel my mind clearing up.

got more work on sound clips done in unity, got rid of pope character cause not enough decent clips and replaced with GEORGE CARLIN 🙂 much better. but still need to get sound clips, this is the last character.

yesterday got lots of work done at work, imported all characters into unity, set up da buttons, now looking through the 411!!! sound clips to delete the crappy ones. Thank god for compression though, 111mb -> 2mb! wow
games really start to come together when u get the sound and art in there.

Stayed overnight at office and not leaving until i finish creating all the sound clips for my characters, im up to last 1, pewdiepie. Didn’t like the snails pace, although it is kind of mind numbing… finding good sound clips, cutting them up trying to find decent clips to use, for like 18 different characters, my head filling with doubts over wtf am i doing with my life lol as im cutting up horse sounds and whatnot… that’s why i took frequent breaks, but this is it im up to pewdiepie and im fuckin done, i can continue finishing up the game… next game will be some kind of puzzle game or something lol… jeezzzzz
Im super sore from playing 7 hours of handball 2 days ago anyway so doesn’t really matter that I’m still in the office i guess… my main goal is to finish the app so who cares where i do it.

havent slept 2 days, worked on app and played handball and flirted with coworkers… lol going home to bed..

Had no idea existed. Well I got off my lazy ass(figuratively) and created the company it’s All Good Games on it, and added Zombie Crisp as a game. I put in some effort, with some image resizing and putting up links where offered and stuff like that, with some basic descriptions. Hey you never know right?

working as much as i possibly can on hoppity hop, im feeling sick from being in front of monitor so much and have had a pretty bad headache yesterday afternoon… cause woke up at 5am and was at computer until 3PM!!!! then went to work at 10pm and stayed on computer until NOW… this is funny cause january 2015 was exactly the same when i was working super hard on the app what’s kim looking at. this time though im gonna maintain this work ethic for the whole year and since im focusing on simple games i should REALLY GET THE BALL ROLLIN IN 2016… we shall see… im going home…

working on hoppity hop

worked on hoppity hop.



  • Hey luniac, love your blog, had to stop by and be one of the firsts to comment.


    • thanks bro.

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