Stagnation Report 2/16

Hoppity Hop is complete, preparing marketing crap… trying to make funny trailer… it’s taking awhile overall i hope it’s all worth it lol…. naaa of course it’s worth it 🙂

Besides, february 29th is a premature finish to a month, i should have had 3 more days damn it!!! lol

Stagnation Log 2/16

got trailer material, now gotta make trailer…

Trying to keep everythin organized in my head. So tomorrow i’ll go record a bit of footage for the game trailer. The game is done for android except for the icon, the google play page is missing banner images but i put up the screenshots already. I recorded some game footage to be used for the trailer later. So basically what i need is:
some images for google play page
Then i can jump on the iOS version, but that should go smoothly… should… lol

game is complete, preparing trailer and store art stuffs….

game is 99% done, just picking out some music and finalizing some menu items…

worked on the app, its 99% done.
just need to finalize a few menu graphics and add music, and 2 simple sounds. Almost there.

still doing final tweaks, worked on the menu placement, game button placement, did waste some time tonight though… hopefully tomorrow i can finish up all the interface stuff, I NEED SOME MUSIC!!!

worked most of the night, resizing textures, little code additions, tweaking how the menu looks, making sure audio settings are right… lots of little finalizing things….
My next game is gonna be VERY VERY BASIC from an art and sound perspective… turn based… i need a break from this crap lol, ima use my brains and create a nice little puzzle type game or something.

got great work done yesterday, continuing to finish up stuff today. pretty angry though for not setting alarm and sleeping too long… i just woke up!!! fuk… its ok im focused focused focused!

work is for work, not socializing. I get it now, it was slowing me down. Not anymore.
Fixed a huge bug that was rendering my google play stuff inoperable, all it took was some communication on the plugin support forums. Now i’m optimizing the game and testing to make sure everything works good. This is it the final stages, It’s taking a bit of time but I wanna make sure everything works great and fast before i publish, i hate having to publish an update to some stupid bug that i missed. With zombie crisp that happened a lot…

whoooo! did respectable amount of work on app, coded in all the missing stuff like achievement code and connecting high score to character unlocking. Onwards to testing… im sure ill run into some bs as usual lol, but this is very very productive. The game is essentially DONE, its just fixing bugs now.

got reasonable work done last night and started getting the really tedious crap going, continuing tonight.

great handball practice yesterday. Super sore now but very happy, sore muscles is like a natural high, makes me feel alive. Time to work on hoppity hop.




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