Stagnation Report 4/16

It’s been a weird month. I’ve been lazy with my apps, i’ve also discovered a whole new type of entertainment app I can make, joke apps! I’ve made 2 already and about to finish third one, I call them viral bait. Maybe they’ll work maybe they won’t, we’ll see. I also bought new computer parts to get ready for the release of the game No Man’s Sky, I’m planning to make a youtube series for the company channel, that should be a big boost for it content wise.

So the main plans to get done so far this month will be to release updated zombie crisp(but not with the new game mode yet cause that will take longer), to finish making the prototype app for a potential client, to finish my joke app ASAP most likely today. And get started on my new gamemode for zombie crisp. If I get all that done this month it will be an epic May.

Now I rarely discuss non business stuff but this is significant news for me, I’ve finally figured out a good schedule to workout and exercise almost every single day. The trick for me is to do everything before breakfast. This stagnation log is the only thing I’m doing right now this morning before breakfast, once i hit publish I’m gonna work out, exercise, eat an excellent breakfast and only then will I start my day, and on a high note everytime. I think it’s worth mentioning because it’s changing my life for the better, I want this to be a lifetime habit.

Stagnation Log 4/16

didn’t sleep over 30 hours.. gettin no joke app done soon, then back to zombie crisp… but time to go home and get sleep…

got app work done, going to sleep for a bit… then will try to really push forward at work tonight. got an idea for a video game youtube series, might put me on the map on youtube.

finally figured out what new game mode ima make for zombie crisp, im pretty pleased with the idea. I finally got some good work done updating the game but im still struggling with a bout of lazyness, not sure what it is but if i have to sit at my computer for 12 hours to get 3-4 hours of work done then so be it…
Maybe its because lately my mind has been going crazy with ideas for games, very interesting things i really wanna do so zombie crisp just feels boring in comparison, but i gotta control myself, hmm i think that’s gotta be it im getting ahead of myself. its difficult to control it i wont lie.

fucking laptop stopped charging and wont turn on…
fuckin busy night of annoying tedious work…
made appointment at apple store, gonna try to at least get a little bit of zombie crisp done tonight… might have 1 hour to do stuff.

fuckin finally, finally got off my ass and made significant progress with zombie crisp update. it’s like i subconsciously knew it was gonna be a difficult annoying several hours of redoing touch input code using new plugin because it really was pretty annoying. But whatever I killed 2 birds with 1 stone, i updated touch controls and learned more about using my new touch plugin. That was the most difficult part of the update i had to do, the rest should be smooth sailing… haha…

gotta get this zombie crisp shit done damn it… i think i knw what the new game mode gonna be, no major coding required.

fuckin exhausted….. no choice the body demands some rest…
working on game

working on super secret project, will be done quickly. then back to zombie crisp. It’s kind of a short notice experiment app. testing the waters.

worked on zombie crisp tonight

slowly makin progress.
working on zombie crisp updates.

started working on zombie crisp update.

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