Stagnation Report 8/16

This month i may have done the least business related work in a while.

I spent a good chunk of it developing my new workout regimen and another chunk making some youtube videos. I also finally got off my night shift which I think I’m still adjusting to because it’s been REALLY difficult to wake up at 8am like i want to even though im in bed no later than 1:30am. I end up sleeping until at least 10am or even 1 to 2 pm… which is horrible for productivity and getting a good start to the day.

But it’s all good though, my workout regimen is all set up and i finally brainstormed a new super simple puzzle infinite type game app that has viral potential. I still gotta start off my youtube cartoons, as well as get that bartending app underway… well shit… tons of work basically but thats great, it all has some potential and you never know what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna do my best to make the rest of 2016 as productive as humanly possible.

Stagnation Log 8/16

it is done, new workout regimen created! tomorrow will start work on quick clicker game for life of boris youtube channel. Maybe itll be good for me who knows, its worth a try and i like the channel.

published another youtube video, im really into it. Still working on workout regimen.

im off night shift, thank the lord, never again.
new youtube vid no man’s sky.
Still developing my workout regimen. yes it is that serious to me.

new episode, also read more for my workout regimen.

creating new workout regimen for last 2 weeks. This is important to me so not much other work done besides some more youtube episodes.

At work, horribly weary.

released new episode yay.

released joke app, but admob is bugged… not even my fault. fuckin bullshit. Also got lots of progress done learning new video editor plugin for unity…

at work. eating to energize, can’t finalize my stupid joke app here so going to start playing around with my new movie editor plugin.

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