Stagnation Report 9/16

Business wise this month had not been very productive. I’ve been unable to wake up in the morning like i wanted and that really messed up with my motivation. On the bright side i’ve followed my new workout regimen almost to the letter, 3 times a week every week like clockwork, im proud of myself for that. It appears that the night shift really did mess me up, however slowly but surely I’m gonna get my stride back, i have to because there is no plan B.

Stagnation Log 9/16

my friend got fired last night, coworkers rambling all around me bout nothing as usual, got my headphones in with ambient forest noise and sounds, got up at 12pm today so got decent morning activities done, doing my clicker app now and until ~12am. No more fuckin stagnation.

im done wasting time

fuckin hell woke up late again today. BUT got some app work done today. If i can get the cliker app done before the end of the month and not get lazy with my workout then this month is not a bad month.

this month has been bullshit with the sleeping, been waking up after 9-12 hours of sleep, absolutely devastating to my productivity. BUT this morning i got up 7am. i didn’t get any business work done and im pretty beat now, but i gotta do the same tomorrow morning, once i can do this every day my productivity will explode im certain of it. i got this FUCK I GOT THIS!

made a fiverr gig. I have no idea what will come of it, possibly nothing at all, BUT i wanted to do it, now it exists and i did it right too, made a video filled out everything the works. I feel pretty good about myself right now.

havent been waking up in the morning all week, its a real problem now. I gotta figure something out…

everything derailed, big things are afoot.

worked on clicker game for life of boris channel yesterday, a few hours of work done. Little by little making progress.

worked several hours yesterday, focused. Unfotunately the whole time was spent fixing code editor… well at least i succeeded at finding alternative solution after like 5 hours.

created new app project… back to basics since im so fuckin lazy lately. Any progress every day is good work, that’s how i started. Tomorrow I will continue working on it.


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