Stagnation Report 11/16

Jesus December already wtf?

got nothing to say, doing my best to streamline my lifestyle, gotta finish my youtube video, jump on the app i have to do. These are the priorities.

Stagnation Log 11/16

second half of the month was pitiful production wise. Again im having issues with waking up. Good news though i got my video editor installed at the workplace so i can edit youtube videos there! I can’t do app stuff there anymore i just can’t concentrate. The plan is wake up EARLY do my morning routine, eat breakfast, WORK ON APP(or record video footage), go to work, WORK ON YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Rinse and repeat until im free.

woke up 8am today but it wasn’t easy, but still did it. Still no caffeine maybe that really was affecting me. Pretty dam tired now hopefully wont end up laying in bed for fuckin half hour to an hour. I settled on a plugin for all my animation and stuff for the app, gotta just watch some more tutorials read some documentation and get really comfortable with it since it’s basically the meat of the app. I haven’t started coding yet but that doesn’t mean im not bulding a hyper fuckinn quantum model in my brain hahaaa

actually i really wanna finish that youtbue video ive been working on, so tomorrow after my morning routine and an hour of handball which i haven’t played for weeks at this point im gonna work on finishing up the youtube video. I think its gonna be good, as always with this entertainment shit you just never know for sure, at least my friend is really really itching to see it so there we go i got 1 validated fan LOL


last 2 days been struggling with waking up, i have a suspicion my overconsumption of tea is the culprit. I drink at least 8 cups a day like a madman, that’s a lot of caffeine which i think is finally causing adrenal fatigue. Ima stick to chamomile and herbal teas for now and see what happens.
Time to start my instagram app! i really really have a good feeling about this one, this really could be the one. Lots of work ahead of me!

worked mad hours on youtube video last night, still got a lot of work to do damn…
good news with next app, discovered critical plugin hopefully its not bullshit.


worked on marketing materials and setting up the game page online, soon soon soon my clicker will be out! this is a more major release than i first planned! A good 2 months it took me, oh well it is what it is. I’m pretty happy with the code ive written and the final product as well. Now i can create any clicker games i want with my code, lets see if i make any money lol

several hours worked on clicker, all done except a little polish tiny tweaks additions.

worked on clicker

at the job

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