Stagnation Report 2/17

I’m implementing a new productivity strategy, i call it Short Quality Session. 

A Short Quality Sessions is always 3 hours, no more no less. Based on my internal deliberations, 3 hours is the optimal length of time to get real work done while maintain complete focus. under 3 hours is not enough and 4 hours invited too much relaxation. I feel 3 hours is optimal for daily sessions without long term burnout.

5 hour sessions however are useful for limited amount of days, perhaps on weekends. So a weekly schedule such as 3 hours monday-friday, 5 hours saturday-sunday is 25 hours a week. 100+ hours a month and 1200+ hours a year. In 5 years that 6000+ hours, which is over half the classical 10k hour requirement to master something. Thankfully you don’t need to be a master to make a living.

And these 6000+ hours are FOCUSED hours, actual get shit done hours. a 3 hour short quality session is more productive than a half hearted 6 hour sessions with constant breaks and distractions.

So yea this is my new weekday strategy. I’m gonna do my morning routine, then do my 3 hours session and then go to work. Every… single… day… i expect great results this month.

Stagnation Log 2/17

worked a bunch yesterday on hoppity hop scripts, just need to implement ads. did testing on phone, seems good.

worked several hours last night and tonight on hoppity hop update. reading cool book by felix dennis lol.
anyway i feel good and pumped.

back on night shift. 9pm-5am
audio bug fixed in latest unity version.
published new article

published article yesterday

published another article yesterday

up at ~12pm, almost made 10am but was too much of a pussy and went back to bed for another 2 hours.

up at 1230pm




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