Stagnation Report 3/17

Feast your eyes on that stagnation log below, now that’s what im talking about. Haven’t had a month this active since… well since before i was burned out for half a fuckin year. If i could double this productivity it fully satisfy my sense of progress. Movin on…

in other news… im fuckin retarded.. i took my mac into the bathroom to play some music while i showered… got water on keyboard.. macbook is history… FUCK APPLE i had water on tablets androids all the time and they never went out of business! well one did i guess… goddamn it im so fuckin stupid…

of course i immediately ordered same model on ebay for 150$, i can reuse the hard drive and ram from the other one… but way to go losing 150 dollars on some dumb shit like that.. and even worse losing the chance to publish apple version of my app this weekend…

yes im an idiot.

Stagnation Log 3/17

ok scratch that idea, after trying to fuck with it tonight i failed lol
BUT there’s a silver lining, i ended up doing some research on making clip art and apparently its not that bad!
i learned some approaches like outlining and shape filling and shit like that… i think perhaps i can make this work. Gonna give it a shot. At least ill be creating my own assets which i can use in a video game in the future if i want too!
well see what happens, i got what i think is a cool short animation idea, and pulling it off will earn me a solid chunk of useful experience.

didn’t get much app work done tonight but did get a TON of research done. after many many months of thinking about it i finally developed an approach to making cartoons FAST! at least relatively fast!

didn’t work on shit tonight, mind is on iphone versions of apps can’t do it here. I hate splitting up my focus. Tomorrow ill have to be super efficient with my time and get progress done before going to work.
of course boss won’t give me a day off tomorrow. no surprises there.
updated whats kim looking at on android. All android games updates. Now iphone version…

was pretty busy tonight but still got at least a little work done.

published article on itsallgoodbuzz last night, really good one in my opinion.
Working on app update tonight.

released zombie crisp android update… not great it crashed on my crappy crappy tablet but ran fine on modern android… will need further testin to confirm it’s isolated case… this is the shit that i hate with a passion..

finished zombie crisp updates, just gotta test when i get home.
starting updating whats kim looking at app

hahaaaa finished latest youtube video.. 3 days work.. doneneeeee

worked at least 6 hours last night on secret youtube video. Hopefully can finish tonight. Did my morning routine today and i feel damn good(even though ithink ihave a hernia…) LOL

last 2 days very bad, went to sleep late and woke up late, no app work done and barely any exercise and no sun.
Got 4 days weekend starting now, today is gonna be sunny weather, im going outside for whole day. will make the next 3 days productive in health and app wise.
Got a semi short quality session in tonight on zombie crisp, some script updates and stuff like that. Getting there.

didn’t get a short quality session in but did begin work on Zombie Crisp update.

Hoppity Hop updates released on android! finally fuck…

hopefulyl can get in a Short Quality Session(SQS) tonight, hoppity hop.

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