Stagnation Report 4/17

This month was not so good productivity wise, but i also did a ton of reading as well so there’s that. I think i finally found a way to get good sleep and even less sleep hours overall. I finished updating my existing apps. dam feelin tired right now at the office… guess thats good ill fall asleep fast hopefully. this has been my one single hiccup in the last 8 months already, getting decent sleep, wakin up when i plan to and getting a good start to my day. im zoning in on the mark im sure of it.

Stagnation Log 4/17

as embarrassing as it is to be this late, all apple app updates have been submitted… i have also decided to publish the games on gamejolt as well, fuck it why not expand the potential reach as wide as possible,.

almost 10 days without update.
Well spent last week reading about martial art YiQuan, personal development stuff.
I decided to remove leaderboards from my games, fuck it waste of damn time and energy, more trouble than they’re worth. This is a big decision and i think things are starting to truly click in my head.
I’ll leave the published android versions as is but for the 2 ihpone apps i still need to update itll make updating a WHOLE LOT SIMPLER, and all with just the removal of leaderboard. now that’s worth it!

getting few hours of work on instagram app, at least 4 maybe 5 hours worth of work. Man i would never survive in the software development industry, i really really have to focus to work a non game app. I do my best to get into it and get in the zone over the inner design, otherwise id be suffering lol

got some work done on instagram app, my excuses are such bullshit. should be criminal for me to waste time.
1 app submitted to apple, 2 left.

last few days have been dodgy, had no concrete schedule, random sleep hours, no routine. This morning reinstalled macOS and now everything works good. This weekend i MUST publish the games… fucks sake. lol they’re like a ball and chain on my ankle, my chore list before i get to the fun stuff. Its All Good.

finished programming calculator app.

might as well finish coding the gunshot calculator app, it bothers me to leave it unfinished. Gonna rerecord video with friend, and edit it real tight. Who knows might get views lol

ordered new mac… got water on it.. fuck me

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