Stagnation Report 5/17

What a month… fired.. oh well.

Hopefully i can get unemployment for a few months and work on my apps in the meantime.

Stagnation Log 5/17

making shattergram app today, lots of progress done. yay.

made “ShatterGram” fiverr gig, u never know right…
tomorrow will do my best to work as much as i can on world war trump

worked on infinite runner for few hours. Learned a bit more about 3d models and shit… all useful knowledge.

finished reading UNSCRIPTED, my bible as far as im concerned.
got some work done on infinite runner app, fully focused on MVP, no wasted effort. game should be done soon.

spent a good chunk of night working on asset store asset, fixed a bug with a genius solution, feels good.
This may actually be a valuable little asset. we’ll see what happens.

spent all fuckin day training 8 hour security license, then played a little handball after. now back home, nice hot cup of tea, gonna get some work done on asset store thingy.
published a dirty pickup line generator app for no reason.
did learn how to import text into an array using editor script. could come in handy in future.

fired from job,
getting security license training monday,
published whats kim looking at trailer
hoppity hop promotion didn’t do shit i think
cut up hoppity hop stickers i had for over a year, gonna put them in random places.
made progress on infinite runner, got the 3d models animated, this was big hurdle overcome.
gonna release my zombie crisp UI orientation script on unity asset store, might make a few bucks.

All games published on gamejolt.
made 5 seconds hoppity hop trailer, time to do promotion.

YES, third day in a row woke up right, if i can go 2 weeks straight, ill be convinced the breathing was the key.
Published zombie cripso n gamejolt, kim jong il next, now ima working on instagram app and a quick infinite runner political game app, already spent 100 bucks buying models, so i have to make it. this will be an exercise in making a MVP with no excess fat. Had a SQS(short quality session) today, since woke up right and finished morning routine timely. I have to maintain this, and when my braething gets even better and i cut down my sleep by even 1 more hour, ill be so productive there will be no stopping me. I think im finally getting my shit together.

got some work done putting games on gamejolt, although ran into bug with plugin, but more importantly woke up 2nd day in a row reasonably rested and either before alarm or easily with alarm. I think the breathing is making all the difference or at least the straw that broke the wretched camels back. will report day 3 results tonight.

wrote silly article for itsallgoodbuzz


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