Stagnation Report 7/17

July was close to form, its so hard to break bad habits, because when the urge hits u just find a way to justify it.

But its possible to curb it in the long term by chipping away at it one day at a time. its crazy that it was august of last year that i really burned out, and it took a good 6 months to get some energy, and now its taking long time to really go hardcore with good habits. Developing the discipline to follow a daily routine is my primary goal now. My productivity will skyrocket as a byproduct of following the routine. I’ve given up my worst habit for good, i can feel it. I think things are looking up, only time will tell.

Stagnation Log 7/17

finalizing app… finally…

implemented ads into app.

heh well breathing exercises are definitely not the answer to wake up. I tried doing them while laying in bed and it just made me more sleepy overall lol. I think I’m gonna once again try the strategy of putting alarm a standing distance away so I have to turn it off by getting up, then i’ll do standing meditation for 5 minutes, I just need the willpower to not lay down again lol.
worked at least solid 6 hours tonight… whew…
u know i can’t help but still agonize over not starting every day with health routine. It’s something that I WANT to make a habit out off. That’s all the justification i need, guess ima keep going for it lol
ok i got a good 5 or so hours into the app tonight and made significant progress. I can almost feel the finish line for this app, been awhile.
wellzzz… last 2 days didn’t work on apps. but i feel unusually chill today. pretty chill feelinggggg
Yes sirry bob got some more appwork done, a good 3 hours this time instead of barely 1. Made legit progress app is finally coming together. I was even more motivated to work on it since tomorrow is workout day and i wont be touching the app. Wow 4 days in a row followed the plan more or less, i dont know whether to be proud or feel pathetic that this is the bar i had to set for myself. Well whatever i guess when proper fitness is a major component of life u gotta find a way to balance willpower. But whatever gotta keep going.

did poorly today, slacked off on app work for entire day and only finally got maybe an hour in at fuckin 330am… progress was made sure, but horrible efficiency. Tomorrow is another app day then workout day so lets see what happens. On the bright side this is third day in a row i did somethin right, lets keep it up.

did my workout and all that, tomorrow is app work day. so far so good, following the plan.
worked on app for few hours, knee deep in the testing on phone part. although my time usage is still highly inefficient, at least this is second day in a row im working on the app. Combined with yesterdays hours this is at least a good 8 hours in 2 days worth of effort, gotta start somewhere. Tomorrow will be a workout day and secondary business stuff, but after tomorrow will be another app dev day. I think maybe truly after practically a year of slacking i’ve finally found what works for me. I think i can keep this up long term, but we’ll see i guess.

worked on app for few hours.
ok i obviously have some kind of mental retardation. NEW PLAN -> All hardcore business work AKA app work will be done on DEDICATED APP WORK DAYS… AKA in bursts. but hopefully not random bursts. so on these days, so on these days no other routine stuff that takes willpower, just straight app work all day at best. I tried a daily routine.. i really really fuckin tried but it just doesn’t work for me right to the point where i dont even wanna get out of bed and just lay there. If i can’t change myself, i gotta adapt to my bullshit.

so from now on, upon wakin up, if app day then straight to apps, if not app day then my workout yoga health shit whatever. then LUNCH, and post lunch i can do whatever like secondary business stuff which is mentally easier, and leisure.


literally “slept” for 16 hours. Laziness does not begin to describe me. BUT first thing i did when i got up was work a little on shattergram, made some progress. at least that feels good.

ok gettin back on track. Woke up around 1130am, yoga, work out, ate well, relaxed, and some brief refresher on shattergram project, specifically the recording part. Now ima play for a bit and go to bed, gotta keep this ball rolling.

going back to fundamentals how it was back when i started, golden rule is do even a tiny bit of progress a day and be proud of it. I focused too much on the finish line, and i know better than that, its about the journey, just sitting down and working on the app is already victory, i let myself forget that but no more. im good now.

didn’t do shit all week cause been waking up at night which makes me not wanna do shit.

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