Stagnation Report 8/17

month is over, not much to say, lets just get it.

Stagnation Log 8/17
ok new routine. wake up early morning maybe 6pm, do initial health routine and workout. Then do several hours of business, until around 12pm, then do second health routine + boxing training and jump rope, finishing off with cold shower. Then for the rest of day i can do whatever. so first 6-8 hours of the day are reserved for health and business(freedom). Then the rest 10-12 hours are free to do whatever the hell i want. On paper this plan feels good. lets see if it works.

had first meeting with business counselor, gonna make a children’s game at same time as im making the business app. Right now wanna get my training hours out of the way.

Big news, got accepted into self employment assistance program. Spent the day finding training sources for my 20 hour mandatory training and business mentor sources. Gettin the ball rollin..

worked like 12 hours straight to finish new rap video. feel proud. back ot app.

yesterday worked on the one app, today worked on my youtube video.
so uhh the trump app is on hold.

theres nothing more annoying than coming back to a half finished project, that’s how i feel about world war trump. But i want to get this little runner done and finished, i must do this. And I have to step up my game, no more delays i gotta pump out apps like a machine!

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