Stagnation Report 8/18

work before leisure plan seems to be working actually.

theres not much routine really, i get all my shit done whenever i get the chance, and then i enjoy some leisure, then back to work again.
im actually combining my health related activities with business related activities. personal health + financial health. im hoping i finally figured out what works for me lol. as far as sleep is concerned ima really try to just go to sleep when im very tired. this way i fall asleep within like a minute and i tend to get much better rest this way. anyways… onwards…

Stagnation Log 8/18

woke up did health stuff for like 3.5 hours. did app stuff for like 2.5 hours. Now i can eat and enjoy the rest of my day as leisure, no pressure.

got a good 6-7 hours work done on app fixing dumb build issues as usual, just puttin final touches on app and will publish asap, then back to music app.

worked all night to morning finishing a game.

got about 1.5 hours or so done on app.

got about 2 hours of work done.
I’m embracing discomfort, thats my new motto. Not that im obsessed with suffering and pain and discomfort, but i choose to view discomfort as healthy, as a positive force on the body. I will no longer try to avoid it and wait for the “sweet spot” timing to get shit done. I tried that for 2 weeks and both weekends i didn’t get shit done, that sweet spot never came no matter how relaxed i got, no matter how chill my mind was, no matter how well rested, well fed, entertained, etc. That sweet spot didn’t show up, and thoughts of working on the app gave feelings of mental discomfort.
I’m getting a gut feeling that discomfort is a litmus test for an activity worth doing. I always trust my gut instinct, and my gut is saying “embrace discomfort”.

got about 3 hours of app work done.

got a good 6 hours at least of work done. Really focused on my routine and avoiding distraction. Not bad for day 1.


  • Hey I find it pretty cool you are logging your progress, I clicked on your signature from FLF found you here.

    I am thinking of getting into making apps as a fast lane, no idea what to do yet…

    I am SW dev by day, working on embedded control stuff using Python, C++.

    • as long as the idea meets some of the fastlane principles NECST, ur good to go.

  • Nice post. I really like your perspective on discomfort. Like forcing yourself to work even on discomfort as a way to train your force of will.

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