Stagnation Report 9/19

Once again I give up trying to live a routine.

Now im doing what I call priority flow. I don’t try to stick any activity in any particular time slot. So I might eat breakfast or I might eat dinner, I might work out at 3am or 5pm, I might go to sleep 10pm or 12pm or 3am.
I’m only gonna focus on what I feel needs to be done, so if I last worked out like 2 days back, then its now a high priority. If I last worked on my apps 2 days ago then its not a high priority. Theres fluidity and adaptability to this approach. If im tired then I go to sleep and simply continue where I left off when I wake up. Its just one continuous flow of life.
The 9-5 job is a big splinter in my daily life but its just another factor in my moment to moment decision making. If I gotta be at work in an hour then I won’t prepare a big meal. If im tired after work then I sleep, or eat after work and relax, I can always continue the flow later.

My only 24/7 priority is to take it slow, feel every moment, maintain the Zhan Zhuang full body sensation at all times. In the long term this will save me a lot of energy and I will need less sleep, and ill be able to work and play more overall.

Let’s see what happens.

Stagnation Log 9/18

worked almost all night on hoppity hop update, what a grind!!! tomorrow will be workout/games day.
last 3 days did maybe 20 hours of work, published other app on apple but now i got an update for it anyway, working on updating all my apps, tedious but feels like the right move.
published side project android and iphone made trailer too, now im gonna update all my other apps, tedious tedioussssssss shit but i gotta do it i discovered admob bug.

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