Stagnation Report 10/18

not a productive month but…

ima let nature take its course, i trust my inner being.

Stagnation Log 10/18

like a broken record, i no longer do the routine. Im takin it slow again, quality over quantity, dedicating more attention to how i do vs what i do. I actually worked on hoppity hop today for the first time in weeks and it felt comfortable, even if it is 434am lol

routine went almost perfect. Granted i woke up around 10:30AM cause couldn’t fall asleep last night.
Did health routine until around 130PM, got really tired and took an hour nap, then went to the store to get food. Afterwards i kept my eye on the prize and worked on my app until about 545pm. So now time to eat and relax baby! success!
i figure the latest i can wake up is 3 to 4AM, to give myself a clean 5 hours to do my routine. I can always buy lunch at work if necessary. im not too worried about the food i guess, the most important is to do the routine before anything else once i wake up, so i need that block of time.

routine wasn’t full success today, did workout but fell asleep before app work. But later in afternoon got around 1 hour of app work done, getting back into the groove and this time im staying.
back to routine, and this time its for real.

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