Stagnation Report 12/18

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Stagnation Log 12/18

day 1 of work/play done. Health work 3 hours + Unity 3 hours. I can celebrate with powerful meal now lol feels good.

for the past 2 weeks ive been very consistent with doing my 3 hour health routine upon waking up, thanks to david goggins book for getting my head straight. However afterwards i eat and then its pretty damn challenging to make my self work on apps afterwards. That downtime after eating really puts me in a different kind of mental state.
i wish i could separate the health routine from everything else but i dont know man… i may just have to bang out all the important stuff before eating. That’s around 5-6 hours before eating, so that’s like lunch basically. I mean that doesn’t sound too insane if i wake up early. say 4AM, so by 10AM latest id be done with 3 hour workout, and 3 hours of app development. It seems i don’t do well with mixing work and leisure, i am capable of instilling daily habits but intermixing work then leisure then work is even more difficult. Now pushing myself to do app work after a 3 hour workout seems pretty hardcore to me, especially every single day. But man my productivity would skyrocket. I am partial to the idea of enjoying food after a hard days work is complete, it feels natural in way, like hunting for ur meal before eating. There’s just something about being in “serious” mode and then shifting mental gears when eating to “chill” mode. 3 hours a day would be 21 hours a week of app work, which would be a very consistent part time job level effort. Ima have to do it, blow my whole load of effort on the first 6 hours of my day, and celebrate for the rest. I’ve given up in the past after only like 1 or 2 days, but now i think i have it i me. 6 hours is not much in a 24 hour day really. With a day job id have virtually no time on weekdays to chill except maybe 2 hours or something, but man my productivity would be off the charts compared to the last 3 years of my life honestly. This one decision is a fork in the road, a powerful one indeed. The time between work out and eating is definitely sacred ground. Maybe starting out with 2 hours a day would be easier to instill the habit, i won’t beat myself up if it comes to that but honestly im unemployed right now anyway so its a golden opportunity to push towards 3 hours. When i may have to get a job eventually i could go down to 2 on weekdays and itd feel easy. ok lets fuckin do this!

worked on app for 4.5 hours

got some app work done, about 1.5 hours. Got my morning routine on lock, and now working on getting app routine on lock as well. There will be no stopping me when i get it all on lock. The health and app work combined will be sustainable.

published hoppity block on ios. Finally done with that. Now to update Whoosh Pig with hunter, shouldn’t be too hard.

must have worked like 8 hours today on the app, so many final touches that take up so much time.

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