Stagnation Report 9/19

Not a productive month, but did start Kung Fu classes which have great effect on my mood.

Stagnation Report 9/19

man fuck it, Zhan Zhuang 24/7, STAY HARD!

i gotta do this slow living experiment, 1 month of taking it truly slow 24/7 mentally and physically and see the effects on myself, if i can enter the zone state.

had to call 9/4 a win, got home from basically 8 hour manual labor shift and still did my workout for 4 hours and then got 37 minutes of app work done when i just felt this sudden urge to lay down for 20 minutes and that’s where my mind broke and i ended up sleeping until 11:30. I had to wake up to make some food ASAP get some calories in my system, i leave for work in 40 minutes gotta eat.
I just took things real slow and methodical and tried to conserve energy all day while maintaining proper posture as best i can.
Today’s a new day.

worked out 2.5-3 hours, did app work bout 1 hour.
won the day.
and did all very slowly and methodically.
i felt the urge to quit many times, that tug to just stop, especially while doing the app work, but since its only one hour and i mentally slowed everything down i was able to work through it.
now that im done i feel ok about it but not super proud or anything since this is only day 1.
one week of this would make me pretty happy.

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