Stagnation Report 2/20

This has not been a productive month

that’s just the facts

Stagnation Report 2/20

i tried to go to bed at like 12am or so and i just laid in bed for awhile and couldn’t fall asleep, came back out watched a movie until 6am(yea stupid i know), fell asleep until 9am, woke up super fatigued and fell asleep until 2pm, felt depressed and laid there until 5pm(actually tried to just lay in bed until the next day which is impossible.)

my back was tense as hell from laying in bed, but fuck it i got up went to the store for a walk, and got some fresh air, i feel better now.

I’m gonna try again tonight, i gotta start getting up early consistently.
Its also a worse environment in my own house to get work done in afternoon, my mother watches politics loudly on the computer, my brother plays games on the big screen.
Early morning is nice and peaceful, serene even, much better environment for work.

Ok, 6AM alarm, thats it.

ok i been waking up in the afternoon for a couple of days now and its completely disrupting my work play rhythm.
I wanna get ALL MY SHIT DONE by 12PM, so i gotta wake up around 5AM or 6AM. on days i work definitely 5AM cause i got work 1050am so that gives me until 10AM which is 5 hours, so i could do 3 hours workout, 2 hours app work.

I just gotta start waking up early, it fuckin sucks waking up afternoon cause it feels like half the day is already gone, and its true!!!

Ok starting now, im setting alarm for 5AM or 6AM. lets do this.

chillness, zz

not very productive but i did do some of my workout and did do at least a tiny tiny bit of app work before going to work.

At work though i ended up buying food to eat, wasting money, breaking fast a bit prematurely.

But im commited to Work Before Leisure. It’s the right way to live, the warrior way.

The devil’s in the details, but zz will guide the way, im commited to 1.5 hours a day now, time to move on from the 1 hour a day. I feel i can stick to it.

slow living is not the way, too much micromanagement of yourself.
If anything, keeping chill is much more correct.

woke up around 830am, did 1 hour 5 minute zz, 30 minute walking zz, around 30 minutes of calisthenics, then shower.
did about 1 hour or so of app development.
gonna do another hour 5 min zz at 8pm.
I’m sticking to twice a day zz.
i gotta teach my body to be relaxed and at peace.

yesterday at work i really got down in the dumps, felt depressed as hell and super stiff.
shit was crazy but i just sucked it up went home and to sleep.

ok its clear how things are
ts not that slow living and relaxing is wrong
obviously these things are correct
its just that we’re so fucked up
our bodies and minds automatically start getting stiff and our minds become fuked up
but direct ZZ practice helps with that
so more and more zz
dats the main prescription
but of course try to be relaxed and take things slow and chill if u can

gotta stop messing with my skin, gotta solidify getting my workout done as soon as i wake up, first order of the day.

this work before play thing i really like, i had the urge to eat an hour or 2 ago but i didn’t, and now i feel good that i didn’t.

always be relaxed but not loose, tense but not stiff. slowing down helps restore it, i really gotta sneak in 5 minute zz sessions into my day, cause even that little helps to get me back on track. I presume that daily 2 hours of zz will make it even easier to enter that relaxed state.

definitely gotta do 30 minute zz after finishing workout, cause i do build up some tension and 30 minutes really helps relax it.

Relaxed but not loose, tense but not stiff.
this saying is causing madness lol MADNESS!!!

been up since 230am, did workout, did app work, now time to break my 36 hour fast lol.

but damn yo i tried just relaxing but in these past 12 hours the tensions accumulated, partially due to my workout but still…

its as if committing to the word “relaxation” starts automatically pushing one towards “looseness”


thankfully just 5-10 minutes of basic zz immediately starts to relax stiffness in my body.
thats all it takes.

nevertheless, im committing to 1.5 hour morning zz from now on.

relaxation is key. it really is.
woke up 6am after 3 hours sleep and dinner at 1130pm lol. felt nauseous, back was super tight. tried sitting down on couch cross legged didn’t help. went to bathroom to wait to throw up and jus stood in first pose hands down by the side, 10 seconds later nausea already reduced. left bathroom to stand by window for 20 or so minutes, lots of shaking and tensions releasing, afterwards sat back down on couch and literally had ZERO nausea… absolutely incredible.
i mean is there any other method on the planet to reduce nausea and tension that fuckin fast, there can’t be i can’t think of anything. this is like a superpower.
but yea, relaxation is key, i gotta take it easy with the slow living and overly focusing on zz posture and structure. when im not practicing that stuff, i gotta just emphasize staying relaxed all the time. just stay as relaxed as much as possible and let the magic happen.

today was almost a shitty day but i salvaged it greatly.
woke up around 9am after about 6 hours of sleep, did 1.5 hours zz and 30 minute walking zz. then went to lay down but ended up crashing for about 3.5 hours. Woke up feeling pretty disappointed in myself but it is what it is i felt tired.

but then im like i promised my friend id work on the app today, so i apathetically sat down and got to work, now a good 4 hours or so later i made progress.

Didn’t eat a bite of food the whole day.
just drank water.
this approach really seemed to help me stay focused in work mode or whatever.
i tried to take things nice and slow.

so overall this day was pretty successful and productive.

ancient Greeks and Romans may have sometimes eaten a tiny breakfast, but the Roman main meal was at noon at the earliest and eventually moved later and later into later afternoon and even evening, while the Greek main meal was at frickin sundown!

That’s it im convinced, Work Food Play Sleep, Work before Leisure, whatever u wanna call it, thats the way to live the best life.

Wake up and get all ur essential daily work complete, and then eat and be merry celebrate and enjoy the rest of ur day!
That’s the ultimate Yin/Yang lol

Its officially my main goal at the moment, to make this my lifestyle. Once i succeed to live like this consistently, the app laziness issue will take care of itself, cause i will do my work at the very least out of a sense of duty to my lifestyle. Get the work done first!

it started of well, as my 902am update said. however after several hours at work i was feeling hungry and uncomfortable and tired, after a few more hours around 5pm or so i was convinced that my super early fast break approach was too brutal for its own good.

Ok this convinces me to really give Work Food Play Sleep lifestyle a serious chance.
I’m get my health routine and a reasonable amount of essential daily work done, and then i will break my fast and relax the rest of the day.
man… even writing this makes me feel a bit uncertain. part of me wants to just be hardcore, damn man…

woke up 1am, did workout, fast break took about an hour too long but ok, getting a little bit app stuff done right now before leaving for work.
Sloppy but much better than nothing. Slow and steady.

i was feeling lazy but i slowed everything down and found the drive to go brush my teeth and wash the dishes nice and calm like and focused.

Priority, morning health routine + break fast + slow living as much as possible.

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