Stagnation Report 3/20

Doing everything in my power to wake up early

but no success yet, its weird cause if i try to just lay in bed all night i get like 3-4 hours of sleep and wake up early, but then by 11 to 12pm im super tired and i crash till 8pm.
if i just stay up its pretty easy but by 11 to 12pm once again im super tired. its like that night sleep does nothing for me because i wasn’t tired anyway.

in light of this i might as well just stay up and push through the tiredness in the afternoon, drink mad tea or some shit, if it was summer id go to the beach.
I believe this is the missing variable, cause i already do intermittent fasting, i do the standing meditation but waking up at random times is really fuckin me up.

Plus because of that ive been slacking on my workouts and general daily exercise.
I really feel once i start getting exercise daily, itll snowball from there and i will feel better more permanently and become more productive. I just gotta start waking up no later than 8AM. Just need to fix my circadian clock and shit, well its 734 AM right now, i been up all night and im not super tired, just gotta survive till maybe 9PM at least, then ill crash for awhile and wake up with enough energy to actually stay up through the day.
So that’s where im at right now.

Stagnation Report 3/20

woke up 1pm today, did my zz and feel decent, but i do gotta wake up early man…
i guess i gotta be realistic, i go to sleep rather late, either i go out or just whatever.
im not at the level where i only need like 4 hours of sleep yet lol, so i gotta push my wake up time a bit.
i think 8AM is the latest while still being reasonably morning.
even if i go to sleep 2am, that’s still 6 hours,
but ill aim to be in bed no later than 12am, which would give 8 hours of sleep if that’s what i need.

Now to be clear, im setting alarm to 8am, but if i wake up earlier… great! ill take it, but 8am will be the LATEST. if it takes me 3 hours to workout, by around 11AM i should be done which still leaves 1 hour before Noon.

Doing say 2 hours of app work, itll still be only 1PM, just an hour into the afternoon. plenty of time to go outside and enjoy my day, or break fast early, or whatever.

Even if i tan at 11am in backyard for an hour or so, and do app work at 12 or 1pm, id still be done by 3pm or so which still leaves plenty of time to do whatever.

I mean in the summer it doesn’t get dark until after 8PM so plenty of time to enjoy my day.

But anyway enough analyzing, 8AM is a good ceiling time for waking up. If i sleep 12AM that’s 8 hours of sleep.
From what i heard, 10PM to 2AM are the best sleep hours, so i should be trying to go to bed 10PM lol, but either way if im not feeling tired its tough to fall asleep.

but yea, ill stick to 8AM wake up time, and if i end up getting healthier and healthier so i need less sleep naturally and i wake up before 8AM, then great ill take it!
so its a good plan with natural room for improvement. its settled then.

woke up at like 12 today no good.
but i did 1.05 hour zz and did app work for a good 5 hours, so i salvaged some of the day.

Def wish i woke up at 6am instead, that way it would have been only 12pm right now instead of 6pm, i could have went to practice some sports, chilled out, etc. its all good, im focused now on ZZ, taking it slow, and just doing the training mind body and soul. doing zz twice a day now permanently, when wake up and before bed.

a few days this month i did wake up at least around 7am or earlier and those days were pretty good. i did workout and got some app work done and then chilled in the sun in my backyard and still had the whole day ahead of me, and by 10pm was feeling sleepy, basically things were clicking.

lately though been wakin up past 9AM and just kills the vibe.

I gotta make this 6am thing permanent, no matter what fukin time i go to bed, even if its fukin 559am, im gettin up at 6am.

I can always crash in the afternoon and nap until 6PM, but im not fuckin wasting a single magical morning hour ever again. Those hours are KEY!

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