Stagnation Report 4/20

this month finally getting my life in order i think.

Finally waking up early 8am or earlier, but it feels weird my body ain’t used to doing it yet, but once i get used to it and don’t feel as much like shit in the morning lol then i can get all my work and shit done in the morning and finally make progress in my business again, slow and steady.

Stagnation Report 4/20

second day in a row waking up before 8AM, i did waste lots of hours of the morning but eventually got my act together and did ZZ and some app work.
Still getting used to the feeling of waking up early, it feels so weird lol

woke up super late today i think i slept 11 hours, no more skipping zz before bed, gonna do at least 30 or 40 minutes to help relax the days tension before bed.
yes i gotta start going to bed on time, before 2am for sure.
but fuck man its 1220 and i haven’t even broken my fast.
its ok ill make it happen tomorrow then, but definitely 40 minute zz before bed to improve sleep quality and put buffer between screen time and sleep.

woke up around 3pm, did zz and some yoga, 1.5-2 hours of app work,
guess im breaking fast at 10:30pm lol

woke up at 2pm, worked out and did app work, time to eat.

woke up did ZZ and wokrout, did 1 hour app work. i mean thats it really, thats what i been trying to accomplish for the longest.
tomorrow lets do it again.

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