Stagnation Report 10/20

Doing ZZ in the morning and before bed consistently now

haven’t worked on anything else really.


last few days or so i did minor youtube work, also zz of course, i think im gonna stick with 8AM for now alarm cause at least ill have enough time to do my health routine in the AM hours, get it done before 12PM, no distractions.
The business stuff i guess i more flexible a bit for now, but we’ll see. But AT LEAST 8AM is reasonable i think.

The morning health routine thing is something i personally believe in, i just really like the feel of getting that stuff done before starting the rest of my day so to speak, it just makes sense to me. So ima gonna focus on solidifying that into my life. Even when I wake up past 12PM i try to get at least ZZ into my day, but i really really wanna do more things like yoga and calisthenics and just other things i gotta do, and if i wake up late by the time im done its like 4PM, feels like itll be night real soon.

gotta Smile And Enjoy Life like my ZZ teacher said.

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