Stagnation Report 1/21


I figured out to fix my sleep. Its better to go to bed at 3pm then 3am. Its actually more difficult to lay in bed half the night wide awake then to just stay up long enough to sleep through to the next day. With the first approach you don’t even get any sleep cause you’re up anyway in bed suffering, you’ll just crash super late and probably miss the morning light. With the second approach you’ll guarantee to experience some of the morning, and if you are able to stay up to the night then for sure youll sleep through the precious night hours of 10PM+. And even if you don’t fully make it, by going to sleep later in the morning like say 9 or 10AM you’re probably gonna wake up around at least 6PM+ which will make it even easier to be up next morning cause 6AM would be only 12 hours awake.

The main principle here is that the morning hours are SACRED, so only the evening/night can be sacrificed to sleep. If you NEVER sleep in the morning, then you essentially GUARANTEE to sleep either in the afternoon or night, and if you wanna sleep at night then all you gotta do is stay up a few more hours, versus if you woke up in the afternoon, in which case you just won’t be sleepy by nightfall.

This is the way, in fact im writing this at 743AM, i woke up at 330 PM after going to bed at around 7AM. I don’t feel amazing but at the same time i don’t feel like total shit. I’m gonna do my ZZ at 8AM as if that’s when i woke up, and get some light and maybe i wont do heavy stuff or whatever but HEY AT LEAST IM UP!!! this is it, this is the way for life. This is essentially my strategy to be in bed at night whenever i lose my way. period.


copying and pasting some thoughts:
awareness through movement
It syncs with zz
I did one hour and was laying bed
And I started doing small relaxed movements back and forth
And it works
My range of movement improved
Basically the movements are yoga but actually how it’s supposed to be
The mental awareness is critical
I stood up and did hip circles
like Lam kam
But I made sure I stayed as relaxed as possible while doing as relaxed and comfortable
No stress on posture
And you know what like 15 circles into it
I felt relaxation in my stiff abdomen and back
The attention aspect is critical
As well as maintaining comfort
Avoiding as much strain as possible
Zz is technically not a static hold
If you actually try to relax in zz
There’s always a little tiny bit of movement even when fully calm
Being aware of that tiny bit of movement
Changes the game
Awareness is key to finally relaxing completely while standing
So when doing walking zz the comfort of the movement is more important than the posture
Comfortable movement with awareness will naturally relax yourself deeper and improve your posture without strain
All strain is harmful
Or at least consciously straining
Obviously we got all these issues cause we have internalized strains and anxieties and all that
Read awareness through motion
By Moshé Feldenkrais
The dude was a black belt in judo
And a physicist
He had some martial arts wisdom as well
Man… keeping a good vibe smile enjoying life and stuff is critical
If you don’t smile and enjoy life you’re just inviting trauma into your body
Dude this insight explains so much about how to do yoga correctly and even CC
Why you should start with pushups but instead walk pushups
Training the nervous system is key
And once you understand how important the comfort is
And awareness of your movement
Then it’s not annoying to do the easy progressions
Cause they have a clear purpose
It’s not about being weak or strong
It’s so much deeper about training your entire organism
No wonder they say zz without the right approach is just “dead standing”
But it’s as much about just being aware of the feelings in the body while doing zz
As it is about trying to stand with proper zz posture and relaxing whatever you can
But anyways
Definitely smile and enjoy life
Seek natural comfort
Slow down to increase awareness
That’s a comfortable slowness
If you start feeling pent up
That’s not right
I think combining zz with some slow movements is critical
Whether it’s yoga
Or zz shili and mocabu
Or even CC
As long as it follows the principles of awareness through movement it’ll be all correct
Movement is movement right
If done with natural comfort
That’s how you learn things faster like playing piano
Playing piano is also movement
It’s all the same
Everything is just movement

almost lost my zz way, but yes relaxation relaxation, somewhat poorer posture for the sake of comfort is the right way, ive been sitting on the stool and my body hasn’t really felt super tight so far, i can feel that i got a bit of lean forward but my body feels so much more comfortable, ill just be patient and keep doing zz.
Also i actually did some zombie crisp work!!!! after OVER A YEAR I DID A LITTLE BIT OF WORK WOW!

last few days ive been going to bed past 5AM, but i also published 3 youtube videos this month and i updated unity, and i think im figuring out the ZZ stuff really the relaxation and letting go aspects.

Last night at around 1am I knew I had to go to bed but I felt a feeling trying to make me stay up that really felt somewhat similar to the feeling I had to watch porn back when I was addicted. It was like this urge to stay up and maybe get some YouTube work done.
I think now it’s clearer that my issue is not so much about waking up early but about going to sleep at night.
Now it’s possible the morning urge to stay in bed is similar as well but it didn’t feel quite the same as porn compared to the urge to stay up.

Maybe that’s cause it’s not inherently unhealthy to feel like I need more sleep cause I’m still tired, but the active choice to not go to bed is more habit based.

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