Stagnation Report 3/22


One has to set about learning to learn as is befitting for the most important business in human life; that is, with serenity but without solemnity, with patient objectivity and without compulsive seriousness. Clenching the fists, tensing the eyebrows, tightening the jaw are expressions of impotent effort. It is possible to succeed in spite of these faults only at the expense of truly healthy joy of living. Learning must be undertaken and is really profitable when the whole frame is held in a state where smiling can turn into laughter without interference, naturally, spontaneously.
-Moshe Feldenkrais (The Potent Self)
I think sometime I feel better after zz or fd and I overdo it
Gotta be patient

or not… lol
It seems like doing zz with a “settle down” intention towards stillness helps settle into slow living
Cause after zz it feels easier to not move so much
So it feels more comfortable to be stiller and slower
But doing zz too lighthearted and free can make the energy be chaotic
And after you lose the calmness and slow living vibe faster
I suspect the main purpose of zz is to settle down into slow living so feldenkrais type stuff becomes extra effective
like normally when i use my waterpik i wanna go slowly so i can feel how the water stream hits my teeth and gums gradually along the teeth and increase an awareness of the inside of hte mouth
but i usually feel too impatient especially hunched on the sink and legs get tight and whatever mind starts to feel impatient
but now after “settle” zz only 20 minutes i felt so grounded
that i felt comfortable just being in place
so i was almost like absorbed into the waterpik experience
didn’t feel any sense of impatience
thats critical in feldenkrais
to feel patient inside
true patience
not trying to be patient