Stagnation Report 4/2014

I’m gonna keep this super short because it’s 10:43 PM and I got… sigh… work tomorrow…

I worked on my app a lot this month. I gave up the gym completely, although i do play handball on occasion, it’s just hardcoded into my genes at this point and it provides an emotional outlet for stress relief I guess?

Regarding my app, the majority of this month was spent integrating Facebook features, and yes it took fuckin forever, it wasn’t very fun, but it is what it is. Regardless, I was successful so at least that’s good, and I learned a lot. Hopefully I can publish the app in may but we’ll see what happens, there’s ALWAYS something new rearing it’s ugly head, and i’ve still got to implement textures, sound, and miscellaneous utility crap like mute button and all that good stuff that makes an app look “professional”.

It’s cool though, progress is being made slowly but surely and that is what it’s all about, I WILL NOT STAGNATE AND I WILL NOT DESPAIR, that’s what weak people do, and I AM NOT WEAK!



Stagnation Log 4/14

I have worked on app as much as I can, Significant progress was made, but still some more stuff to go.

8 hours at work
8 hour at home working on app

It’s been a somewhat productive couple of days. I have someone working on game art for me, and I’m almost done implementing social networking into my game. After i get my art i can implement that, then sound, and that should be pretty much it.

Ive been fortunate to get app work done at my job hehe!
So i allowed myself to play some sports afterwards.
Today is no different 🙂
I’m entering the final stages of development, art, music, sound, things of that nature, the gameplay is pretty much complete.

Every day worked on app, got some good progress done.


Finished new article

Started a new article

Some more app work… that’s all I’m workin on. Doing my best.

Got some more app work done. Bought some more plugins, little by little progress is being made. Boy time flies though…

meh… wasted 120 bucks on a plugin i won’t use, and bought one from different company. Lesson learned, do your research well. Working on app, this facebook integration stuff is not fun.

Worked on app.


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