Stagnation Report 5/2014

I’m at work atm, so will make this a short log as usual. Got a lot of work done on the app, such as art, audio, and buttons. I’m still implementing a few more particle effects to make it look a little nicer, but the finish line for this app is approaching. I learned A LOT working on this project, which is the most important part.

So without further ado:


Stagnation Log 5/14

Working on particle effects

Implemented all sound, workin on a little extra particle art, pretty much finishing touches. basically still working on the game, slowly but surely it’ll get done. That’s life…

Implemented some sounds into the app, almost done actually. Last 3 days have been work sleep app, and movie/show breaks.

NOTHING, just more thought on the app, Ive been complicating the design in my head, and ive decided its best to just release SOMETHING, ANYTHING, and go from there…

Played a lot of handball while thinking about the app…

Almost nothing really. This is my longest lazy streak in months, I’ll break it today.

Almost finished implementing all graphics.

NOTHING, got carried away with handball.

Implemented muzzle flash artwork

Started the process of implementing artwork into my game.

Excellent day, got a great name for my future company after months and months(maybe even years!) of ideas on and off.
Got my textures for the game all ready, will implement some tomorrow.

App work

Wrote stagnation log for april

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