Stagnation Report 6/2014

I changed apartments in the last 2 weeks of june so it’s been hectic. I can happily say that all the game mechanics have been fully implemented. From this point on it’s all about special effects, sounds, performance optimization and finalizing. It’s gonna take time but at least the MEAT of the game is complete. I’m very happy about that.

Stagnation Log 6/14

this was an embarrassingly unproductive month for the most part so far. Except for today, i did get a lot of work done today. Perhaps my lack of progress correlates with lack of daily updates, if i can’t even take 1 minute out of my day to write a daily update then how can i expect to do actual work. This must stop.
Worked on app

WOW half a month of no journal. Not happy with that. Same old new though, still working on app, finally got everything worked out regarding features. Also cut handball out of my life, finally… it’s tough but it’s for the best, frees up a lot more time for me to work.

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