Talk The Talk Walk The Walk

I have a habit of not shutting my big mouth up, meaning I talk and talk and talk about my plans and goals and all the stuff I’m gonna do when I’m rich and how exciting it’s gonna be. I like to visualize my future all the time to constantly remind myself what I’m doing all this for. While I do think a man should talk less in general, at least I’m actually taking action so I’m not falling into the trap of talking talking talking and getting the feeling that I’m actually accomplishing something when I’m not, for me it’s more of a break, like a little downtime between intense productivity sessions or whatever.

But anyway, I was having a conversation with my best friend since childhood who happens to be a wage slave like me, and I was trying to motivate him to finally take action, to begin the journey to financial freedom. I’ve been trying to push him to join me on this journey ever since i started it myself, after all he is my best friend and not some stranger i don’t give a fuck about. We’ve had the idea of going into business together for years but sadly he doesn’t know anything about app development so he couldn’t just join me off the bat. He’s a business major though and relatively proficient in computers so there’s virtually nothing stopping him from finding his own way and very likely even joining me at some point from a business side of things since I personally find business nomenclature fucking boring as fuck.

Will this ever happen though? Will he ever join me? I doubt it, because over time as I have personally developed my mindset and lifestyle to be in sync with my goals of financial freedom, I have become more and more aware of other people’s resolve and general mental fortitude, and I find my friend to be… lacking. Basically what I’m saying is this guy doesn’t have IT. He claims he’s gonna be rich someday, but he doesn’t appear to have that fire inside of him that one needs to succeed when starting from the bottom. Even more troubling is the fact that unlike most people who are surrounded by mediocrity 24/7 with a snowballs chance in hell for proper guidance from anyone, my friend has me. I’m the guy who just won’t shut the fuck up, because I need to fuckin hear myself say the things I say to keep the rest of the world from overwhelming me with its shit, at least that’s why I think I do it, and I try to spread my influence to people I associate with as much as I can. This is probably why I’m the black sheep at work, coworkers don’t generally react well when you basically tell them their last 13 career years were total piss waste, but I digress.

The real kicker that fueled my passion to write this article is the fact that not only do my words bounce off my friend like soap of a homeless bum, he fights back as well! He used to not do that! Just a few months ago he’d be in full agreement with me but always too lazy to actually take action and showing no drive, which is typical of most people who fail to see the catastrophe their life will slowly turn into in the long term unless they do something about it immediately. However, a couple of months since he became a salaried worker for the first time, making a “decent” living, he has become a fully indoctrinated wage slave, with a massive ego boost to go with it! So now not only does he not take action to join me on the journey, he doesn’t even understand what it means anymore! If before he silently listened to me and agreed but lacked the drive to take action, now he tells me that I’m all talk, and no walk. He tells me that first I gotta walk the walk before I can talk shit. He’s basically saying “show me the money” before i start doling out advice like I’m fucking Donald Trump, which is telling me that he’s completely missing the fucking point.

The point is: walking the walk is not about the fucking money you dumb motherfucker, it’s about taking as much consistent daily action as humanly possible to eventually earn that fucking money, and by direct association -> freedom.

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