Stagnation Report 2/15

About to finish second trivia app, then i WILL finish the zombie game before doing anything else… at this point it’s like a demon haunting my neverending nightmares…

You may notice this month’s log is massive compared to previous ones, thanks to my new hourly based approach to logging time. WIN WIN. WOOT.

Stagnation Log 2/15

jsut debugged game on my fone a little… im exhausted im going home to sleep…
didn’t get anything done really, barely slept… today im gonna go straight to sleep as soon as i get home…
going home now… got a respectable amount of work done.
took a bit of break but still at workin doin my best to get shit done.
working on app
at work, not busy, can do my app yay!

still working…
just spent 55 bucks on a twitter plugin, onwards!
bout to take a dump get started on the app… been sleeping till like 2pm lol

my day off… spent most of it doing app stuff, finding out the best way for me to implement some basic facebook and twitter share stuff as painlessly as possible

whooo been doing app stuff all day… got all my bugs resolved and discovered an awesome new social plugin to replace the one i have… man.. when i get back to the zombie game im gonna have my work cut out for me but its cool! this is how an efficient workflow is formed… slowly and painfully lol..

STILL AT WORK ah…. trying to fix this annoying ass issue with a plugin

whoa how did i miss these few days hmm… well been busy busy busy had tons of technical issues with app stuff but fixed 90 percent of it… feel a headache comin on must squash it!!!

finally finished my JOB… wow..
horrible day… had to do a job today for hours past my shift… sigh…impossible to believe this is considered normal…
got some app work done yay.
back to work

sigh… difficult to concentrate when the tv above my computer is playing an awesome norwegian nazi zombie movie… ill do my best lol.

great…. job came in… at least i got some zombie work done, will continue after im done.
WHooO! im in a way better mood today, just sat down at my desk with my breakfast, had a nice convo with the deli dude and girl in the grocery store(HUMAN CONTACT FTW!), ready to continue my app and theres no work to do at work. AND ITS SUNDAY my last day before weekend. All combined to make it a great start of the day.

my head is fuckin killing me, didnt work on app just watched videos about potential plugin… not getting it for now.. id rather spend money on plugins that add new functionality that i have no idea how to implement properly… maybe in the future…
stuck workin on some job… watching videos of this plugin i might get… potentially may greatly speed up my game development…

leaving work… i killed myself today REALLY WORKED HARD finally figured out a great solution to my problem… or at least the least painful solution
at work, continuing research

learning learning learning about phone orientation stuff, and the most painless way to do it in my app. I’ve got it pretty much figured out how im gonna do it. I hope i don’t hit any nasty surprises… this is what i consider the boring parts of game making…

working on app, actually fuck it gonna go home… i got my work cut out for me, im good
ehh.. maybe my tinynotes idea is kinda stupid…backt ozombies…
i did get some work done on the tinynotes app im making. But now its 2pm and i dont have to wry about any work pressure, probably gonna get lunch soon(need my tea), and gonna stay till 6pm or 7pm, cause i wanna get home and do my workout, i must go to bed no later then 9:30… 7 hours minimum to function… didn’t sleep well last night… in fact i was panicking… couldn’t get the fear of failure out of my mind. I feel better now though.

shower an sleep…
tried to get some work done, got a little bit going, time for bed soon though…

worked a littel on app, posted some questions on forum,, hard concentrate at home with tv on top of computer and mom watching it all day.
twitter and facebook pages made,

gonna make facebook business page at home… its blocked at work
doing some marketing research, made a flier for kim jong il game, looks nice actually!
the app is done except for one issue. I bought a plugin but i gotta wait for the author to implement a new feature that solves my issue. It’s cool, this is just a simple little app, ill put it on hold.
Work shift complete, i worked a little on app, now will continue, gotta get some tea too… lunch…
fuckin waste time looking a monica belluci pictures and that rape scene from irreversible… well she is hot though lol.. im not leaving this dam office for the day until i get some app work done!
spent like hour and half reading interesting internet articles about memory… i feel tired, only 6.5 hours of sleep, haven’t worked on any app stuff yet, it is sunday though and i don’t work tomorrow so i can stay at work as late as i want to work on the app.
got to work 40 minutes late… read some forum posts… there’s a lot of job work to do… can’t ignore it… then breakfast… then ill continue my app.

spent 75 bucks getting 2 plugins… one of them is still workin on feature i need, other one seems to work… but im stuck anyways on a little issue… working on it…
finished reading the book… 90% of it i knew already, the only new stuff was some promoting info and advice on using elance. It says average app costs are between 1000-5000$$$. I really don’t have that level of money. I think my current best course of action is to make simple apps myself, and get really really really good at marketing them. I initiated a close friend of mine to be my dedicated marketing guy and I’m going to do my utmost best to hype him up, give him that spark that will drive him without my help.
Lunch time now…
surfed web didnt do much. did renew my web domain.
thought of a new quick funny app idea. it must be made!! as soon as i finish the other utility app i started yesterday…
gotta do my regular job for now, things to do…
at work an hour late… meh… went to sleep at 11:30pm not good… less than 8 hours of sleep… I need to leave work no later than 6 pm cause the lack of sleep will hurt me productivity wise. But for now… breakfast time, ill finish reading the app book afterwards since im already halfway done lol It’s crazy but the first 50 pages are stuff im already familiar with like publishing to apple and google play.

going home but first gonna print out that book about outsoucring….
still at work, was working non stop on the little utility app.
still at work…. working… like a dog…got nowhere better to be anyway 🙂
been working non stop, stuck on a bug in the engine itself i think, downloading latest patched version… will take a little break now…
finished lunch BACK TO WORK
didnt make that cup of tea… gotta get lunch im starving…
Took a little break, gonna make a cup of tea, and back to work… at work… only had to do 1 job today really, the rest was spent working on this little utility app i thought of.
Got some app work done, had to do a job, workin on it now.
was doing some research, went to get food a few times. back to work.
8:25 am
some work came in… so have to do it, sneaking in some research about my quick app.
got a little bob dylan playing to ease my mood.
7 am
woke up, got to work, eating breakfast, about to create a prototype of a super quick app idea

I have been lazy the last few days, barely got any work done. This is really irritating me. I have decided to keep an hour based record here of my day to day work. I think of it as a next level stagnation log, ive spent over a year doing my best to get a least SOMETHING done every single day, now the next level is to get at least SOMETHING done every single HOUR!
I’ve also decided to learn about app outsourcing just to try it out, ive bought a 100 dollar ebook program over a year ago and it still stings to this day that i have no read it. With this new hourly logging i believe ill have the time to work on my personal apps, as well as learn about outsourcing. At the end of the day though, it’s still all in the realm of apps, so I’m not extremely deviating from my path in any way. ONWARDS!!! TO WAR!!!

working on app.

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