Stagnation Report 4/15

Im at work so will keep it short… zombie crisp is 99.95% done, just waiting for a trailer and app icon, and banner for google play store. I will then publish the game. It’s been a decently productive month, i really wanna wrap up this game before i move on to new projects, just to keep my mind clear.

Stagnation Log 4/15


this optimization thing is still bothering me BUT i tested on friends galaxy S4 and it ran great until i died lol…
also took some screenshots and put em up on the google play page, getting my friend to make me a quick trailer for the game, and… that’s about it! once i get that trailer ill put it on youtube and fuckin SPAM THAT SHIT anywhere i can think of, and then publish the android version of the game, and get started on publishing the iphone one. So yea… been doing work DOING WORK!!!!

well… gonna keep testing performance on train… but game is finished.. just this performance issue…
ok im definitely done balancing the game now, it starts easy, but later gets VERY INTENSE, im talking SWEATY PALMS INTENSE, AWESOME!!!
but… im still having huge lag issues in the later levels and im unable to fix them yet… i must figure this out, this is literally my last hurdle with this game… lesson learned, don’t make games that need to be aggressively optimized… its a time sink.
wow whole dam day spent doing a job… well the game is essentially done, the artwork is 99% finalized. Just finalizing the balancing, and possibly another tweak to optimization…
then comes the “fun” part… grabbing some screenshots, make a little game trailer… and UPLOAD TO GOOGLE ANDROID WHOOHOOOO!!!! then apple…
menu artwork complete, yay!!!

i think im done optimizing, only balancing left.

still balancing, but took some days off but now im back and ready for action.

Still balancing the endgame.

i thinked i fixed the most annoying bug in the game, took a lot of elimination game, but i finally found the culprit in the animation component, one checkbox click and problem solved lol
last couple of days got some app work done at home, tested app with some friends, and got some handball in. i brought a change of clothes to work so i can go play handball later. I know what i said about quitting everything and focusing on app, but i also didn’t foresee this desk job destroying my health and well being a day at a time. I think this will help me truly focus on my 8 hours at work, make sure i waste as little time as possible, and later i get rewarded with some healthy handball. We’ll see how that works out. As far as the app goes, I’m still balancing it and have a few very elusive bugs to fix.

i played some handball yesterday for like 2 hours and i gotta say, even though i only got around 4 hours of sleep i feel absolutely incredible! or at least better physically and mentally since a long time! my mind is just calm and collected and confident. That’s what physical exercise will do for you. i’m gonna have to try and incorporate a little bit of handball on Sundays or something. It’s not very time consuming because just an hour of handball is great physical exercise.

Anyways! gonna continue balancing my game once my day job work is finished, i made the game too hard right now, gonna have to make it a smoother difficulty curve.

just go to work lol… breakfast time, then well see if i can continue balancing the game.

whooo awesome testing session, i think i almost got it nailed right off the bat. just a little tweaking to round out the numbers. THere were a few super intense moments where one more hit meant death and i was literally a split second away from getting hit and then a life saving upgrade popped up.
stayed overnight at work, but i slept most of the time, i was just too tired to work.
At work now though, balancing the game and setting up ad details and twitter, stuff like that. Got maybe some bugs to fix but that’s it, im officially done implementing NEW content, it’s all 100% tweaks and polish. THe game is fun and that’s all that matters.

where do you think i am lol…
work of course… working on my after game section, its gonna be done today.



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