Stagnation Report 5/15

Working, working working working, some handball, working working working. Ok i have taken some breaks this month but i’ve also finally released zombie crisp this month and updated it several times, this june i will implement global leaderboards ASAP, and most likely release the iphone version and then see what i can do about some aggressive marketing. I’ve been thinking about what game to do next for awhile now too, definitely something simple.

Like for example im gonna make an its all good games youtube channel for lets play videos, and if one of those goes viral people will want to try my games too. All it takes is time 🙂

Stagnation Log 5/15

spent some time learning about google play game services, figuring out how to set up a leaderboard, made a lot of progress! slowly chugging along…

a bombshell hit me this morning. Apparently a client of a friend of my coworker artist friend wants an app made, and the offer is for us!
This is insane.

People are downloading the game, little by little.
I’m going to implement Global Leaderboards, that should be the final touch that i need for my games. Then ill have facebook and twitter sharing, facebook page liking, twitter following, facebook friends leaderboard, and Global Leaderboard, AND screenshot taker that can be shared with anyone using any app on the users fone… then im done… will focus on actually making my games, i hate all this social crap… but its necessary.

uploaded new version of kim jong il to google play, its even less 3 mb less than before, but 5 less devices supported… out of 8500+ devices lol so no big deal… i hope…
gonna update my kim jong il app to unity5 version. Should be quick and painless.

yesterday was so productive i still cant get over it. So… both android and iphone version are done except for problem with crashing when taking screenshots. Everything else is fully working. I’m emailing with the creator of screenshot plugin and i already have an idea for a workaround if i need it, but i can no longer update my software at work so i can’t do it here… weak

got home… jesus what a day, massive progress on iphone version, all except one nonessential feature work… took me 3 days at my job to find the time to do it, thank god my friend brought his mac and let me test on his iphone, i owe him big! and i will repay him with the same kindness when i am able to.
feelin better, ups and downs ups and downs…. must be my sugar withdrawal.

crappy day today… issues with apple version, don’t know why… for some reason i was especially irritable today.
gonna finish up apple version issues crop up…

got some apple version done today, will try to have final file submitted tomorrow.
dam work took my time today,
marketing marketing marketing, updating google play description, checking forums, gonna submit to another android review site. Hopefully prepare iphone version today.

still waiting for facebook responce. I hope all goes well.
so tired… im gonna get working on next game tapitswipeit… why not…

had issues with facebook features in app, i fixed one of them, now waiting for facebook to enable the other feature, i actually got rejected the first time. Some new lessons learned… i hate social crap… but this is what people want, thats what its all about.

starting to get butterflies, people wanna play this game, its coming really soon, anything can happen!

actually found a bug with unity… lol… its not game breaking… just annoying.
Waiting for banner for google play and trailer for game.

meh didn’t do much today, but started a new project and imported some plugins, made empty script… yea not much.. tomorrow at work i will go hard and get the framework of this app up and running. This should not take me longer than a week to get the basic game going, and i guess 3 more weeks to have a finished product 😛  oh who knows…. im just so happy to finally move on from the zombie game… i did it… i saw it through and i didn’t quit…
now its time to go train for my saturday handball tournament.
kinda on vacation, have a big handball tournament on saturday and i really wanna win it, so ive  been training everyday. the zombie game is finished, im waiting for trailer and final icon and google play page art. Soon i will start my next app… finally lol

waiting for my trailer, and final artwork, ready to release this dam game!

should be getting my trailer today. I believe i will publish the game on android this week. There’s nothing really left to do.

not much done today

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