Stagnation Report 3/16

Wow it’s been a long month.Hoppity hop is waiting for review, progress on client project is… progressing. What’s Kim Looking At has been updated. Tonight I begin updating Zombie Crisp. Hopefully everything goes smoothly 🙄

It’s been a productive month for sure, but I can do better.

Can’t wait to get started on my next game, I think this one will set a new record for smooth execution haha.

Deep breath -> forward.

Stagnation Log 3/16

submitted hoppity hop again.
whats kim lookin at passed review.
gonna get workin on zombie crisp tomorrow.
Right now gonna try to make a funny youtube video, then check out the unity plugins i bought and play around with them.

tried to enjoy weekend… wasn’t that great tbh… what i really want is a 3 month vacation in a beach house but that costs $$$$. well… modified some hoppity hop code in preparation for character changes… still didn’t receive message from apple must be because weekend… will wait..

whats kim looking at submitted to apple, updated on android, so im done with that.
no response from apple about my question regarding hoppity hop yet, im gonna take a fuckin break… zombie crisp updating is next, and hoppity hop modification for iphone version upcoming…
app rejected….

The only reason im not devastated and suicidal right now is because it wasn’t a technical issues(technical issues are my personal hell). It was a copyright issue. I replied to them asking to elaborate but im gonna have to make some changes to my unlockables… its annoying and sucks.. but at least its not a technical issue…
I published on android, lets see if they will have issues…
i updated whats kim looking at on android and am doing iphone versions now. Client game is on hold till i get paid and can pay outsourced indian dude to make something for us. after i update iphone version of whats kim lookin at i will get started on zombie crisp updates. Slowly chippin away chippin away chippin away…

mac upgrades were CLUTCH, its 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times faster now! sanity restored.

gonna do the client game first, studying the unity package i bought awhile ago, refreshing my memory.

productive night, set up blog for my mom, continuing progress on app for client, etc etc small little things can’t even remember exactly what i did tonight lol but feels like i did stuff…

HH submitted to appstore. It is done… finally.

seems like i got dates mixed up in my previous update… too much hustle!!! AHHHH!!! anyways game is complete but gotta test my messaging functionality in the menu, but that’s it, the rest of the game is 100% complete, can’t wait to submit it.
ALSO ordered new SSD drive and 4 gig ram for my horrible macbook, time to speed that fucker up before i demolish it witha shotgun.

…. oh my god…. i fuckin figured it out…. omygod…
fukinnn helll man…jesus fuckin christ i figured it out… sanity restored… FUK omg…were back on track folks… it only took 2 nights of intense critical thinking.. and then some… my brain is on fire right now… had unity open on the mac and on pc, doing tests on pc while super slowly running test in ipad through mac… was able to recreate the issue on PC which was the big breakthrough i was looking for… and NOW I FUCKIN UNDERSTAND I FUCKIN GET IT!!!! im going fuckin insane… crazy… sanity restored with insanity to go with it… fukin hell… well tonight was a hell of a night… now i gotta clean up everything and get this game finished!!!
hopefully tonight i can make some progress resolving a major issue.
great progress tonight on fixing bugs… got everything ready to test gamecenter bugs. Just need to get it on the slow as fuck mac i got and test on ipad. Hopefully i will 100% understand how it all works then. I feel better now, taking care of issues 1 at a time until its all solved.

discovered lots of issues… fixing issues…. no life…. fuk…..

fuk man so much work to do…
had to update android packages because of updates…
continue on iphone version
update old apps android and iphone versions
jesus that fuckin mac is slow as fuk…
took me 2 days to update XCODE…. LOL
but it finally worked and i can move on with preparing iphone version.

Android version is ready to publish, literally a click away… but i must remain strong and wait for apple version to be ready which will take a bit for my slow ass laptop to get ready and then 2 week waiting process to verify… meanwhile ill update zombie crisp and what’s kim looking at.
back home, fuk sleep must finish.
TRAILER COMPLETE and on youtube. Finalizing android version of game tonight. My friend finished making icon and google play banner. here we gooooo….

time to go home, did great work tonight, cut up all the footage and placed them in right spots, took awhile because i wanted the cuts between the game and the hopping to feel right so i put extra effort into the cuts.
got some more trailer work done.

whooo hunkered down and got started on the trailer, felt a bit intimidating honestly cause i’m still not very familiar with video editing and there were a few things i didn’t know how to do BUT… i figured out a way already tonight and got the footage lookin pretty good 🙂
I had to cut some of the video on the right side and center it and i was able to do all that with just the zoom video effect which is cool. The video is a bit more pixelated because i had to scale the size of the video to remove black bars to the left and right, but it just occured to me as i’m writing this that i can use the sharpening effect to maybe mitigate some of the issue hahaaaa! but yea that was the hardest part i think, manipulating the actual video itself. The rest is just cutting it up and inserting game footage in the right spots… and syncing a separate audio file to it which actually might not work out in which case i won’t have any audible talking in the video, i don’t think it’ll really be that bad because the body language is strong enough. Whatever we’ll see what happens 😀

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