Stagnation Report 5/16

I can now cross off “Scammed by indian outsourcing” of my business bucket list…The outsourced model for potential client project is a failure, either i got scammed or the guy was just incompetent. A waste of 2 months and 168 dollars. Oh well… FUCK! lol

On the good news side, finally finished all that updating work i started doing… months back… sigh… zombie crisp is updated and looks AWESOMEZ, hoppity hop is updated. Correction! they’re submitted to apple but not yet live on store. But they’re live on android. Anyways i don’t think there’ll be any problems with the submissions. I’m REALLY sure this time lol… lol……lol….. anyway time to start working on new game mode for zombie crisp, it’s gonna be aweeesommmmmee!!!!

Stagnation Log 5/16


finally everything is submitted. sigh….

finished creating and published new zombie crisp trailer, it came out pretty damn well actually! Very satisfied with it, short sweet and to the point. Now just need to test out the app and publish it.

Fighting a bout of lazyness but also didn’t sleep for almost 24 hours. Made new screenshots for zombie crisp and uploaded them, double checked code stuff. Just need to test on phone and ready to upload to google play. Also need to make new trailer.. sigh this is gonna take some concentrated effort… whew ill be ok lol just a mini phase i know ill be back on point after i get all these frickin updates done.

ok so i updated the hoppity hop icon to a monkey face instead of just the letter HH, i think it look way more inviting now. ehh no other news other than tonight im gonna finalize the zombie crisp update, i actually forgot to add tap sounds on the buttons like in hoppity hop so im gonna do dat real quickz… lol didn’t sleep for almost 30 hours and still 6 hours left on my work shift hah life is crazy, even played handball for 6 hours today im getting back into it.
doing research on video editor, im dumping avs4you… that shits garbage don’t know what i was thinking. Also did some minor changes to my youtube channel. Gonna have to buy gaming headset too, its all good 🙂

u know what the most difficult part is, it’s being both the product developer and marketer. I’m learning that marketing is no joke, it involves a lot of legwork and requires some know how and experience of which I have almost none. Just making my games is taking up all my time and now i gotta put in more time into proper marketing… sigh… ill figure it out i guess… shit by the end of this whole thing im gonna be a fuckin whiz kid.
Zombie Crisp buttons weren’t finished yesterday, hopefully today they’ll be done. The model for the other game should be delivered soon… hopefully.

Everything is done for zombie crisp update, just gonna talk to my designer coworker tonight regarding any visual adjustments and then I’ll publish the update on android and then get iphone. If smooth sailing should be done in 1 day… LOL…

crap…bad updating lately…
joke app published, computer upgraded, will continue zombie crisp update today.

gonna finish my damn joke app.

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