Stagnation Report 10/16

Sry not much to say, i have to finish the ****** clicker game; that is all.

Stagnation Log 10/16

I DID IT!! got the automatic fuckin workers working! i still got it baby! 🙂
whew that was some intense critical thinking but its motherfucking working!
man im tempted to sell this package on the unity store lol!
but first i gotta make the clicker game awesome. Im so fuckin happy i got it working, i miss that feeling of accomplishment, nothing compares to it, its the best.

man why do i make my projects more difficult lol… clicker gameplay was finished but nope i had to complicate shit, make the game more legit by having automatic workers. Its a little complicated for me to implement, feels like the good old days when i hit one roadblock after another hah… but i got this ill figure it out, this is gonna be a great clicker game.

didnt fuckin work on game, BUT i fuckin added another major addition to my lifetime routine, the Wim Hof Method. Today was day 1, let’s see what the long term effects of this will be.
The clicker game really is almost done though and afterwards ima do the non game app ive been planning on doing, which SHOULD make money and have an audience based on similar apps having a big audience yet costing exorbitant prices.

worked on clicker game, almost done.

i wont say its easy, the fatigue upon the initial state of wakefulness is very difficult to overcome, my systemic lifetime conditioning makes part of me resist the drive to change my life, especially since i took a day off work today. but i did it, I’m up eatin breakfast drinkin dat tea, and on schedule.

almost perfect day, i slacked on my workout part of the day, taking twice the time i allotted so i didn’t do any business work at home today BUT i did do 3+ hours of business stuff at da job. So overall a very good turnout, especially considering this is basically DAY 1.
guess who’s up! im up! 😀
the goal is to not get burned out again, i even set my schedule up so i can stay up all night on friday if i choose to because saturday i have no set schedule. Sunday is my first work day and the start of my week. I think this is the best move ive done in awhile, before i used to feel like i could never follow a strict schedule but now it feels kind of liberating because i do get to have some fun time every single day and still get tons of work done, it all works out as long as i follow it. We’ll see what happens.
i created strict hour based schedule that i intend to follow. I also bet with coworker that for every day i don’t wake up and get up at 8am i owe him 10 bucks. I now owe him 10 bucks for waking up at 9AM, but im making progress. Im gonna beat this weird ass fatigue im feelin in the morning, im gonna fucking beat it im gonna live in the real world. working a little on my clicker game before i go home, any progress is good. As long as i follow my schedule well im gonna do at least 6 hours of business related work every day, which adds up real fast and that all that matters. and i get 1 hour of handball at least 3 days a week, and i get to even play games for 1 and half hours every morning, and i get to do my workout regimen 3 days a week, i got everything laid out pretty good, and 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night. If i can do this weekly routine for even 3 single months im gonna get tremendous amount of work done. I’m excited. Im coming back baby. slowly but surely.

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