Stagnation Report 9/17

Well this month went better than usual but of course improvements can and will be made to efficiency.

Stagnation Log 9/17
fuck it its all fucking bullshit! I need DISCIPLINE!

today was inactive day, woke up at 1pm and went to play handball all day. Then at home didn’t really do business stuff. going to bed now, 830am wake up goal.

health stuff done, ~3-4 hours business done.

health stuff done, 3 hours business done.

woke up 12:30, messed up my tming a bit but did everything, health work, relaxed, some business stuff. 16th is tournament so schedule is messed up but tomorrow will endeavor to continue my daily routine. 2 days in a row though done.

had the best day in month probably, woke up 330am did health routine until around 6 to 7 am, played some games to reward myself until 9am, somehow lost 40 minutes to something, did business stuff until like 4pm with a brief sun break, then exercised at the park and came home to eat. Lots of room for efficiency improvement but not bad. I like the video game break between morning routine and business work. Maybe ill call this the Work Reward Work Reward routine.

now that’s what I’m talking about. did breath work, standing posture, yoga, workout, jump rope, cold shower. 2.5 hours approximately. And its not even close to 12pm yet. This is how you start a perfect day. 1 month of this every day would feel incredible I just know it.
I’m up. it is glorious.

still haven’t been able to wake up I nthe morning FFS!!! got some more training videos done 3 hours worth. guess I wasn’t in the groove lol… fuck it all

done good amount of hours trainin 2 days back and now puttin in at least a good 8+ hours today, still tryna wake up in the AM hours for a proper day but i’m doing the best i can. Gonna go sleep proper hours tonight and wake up 6am or so tomorrow. I know i’ve said it a million++ times but i may be gettin in the groove of things now. I did learn a TON about databases in the last month.

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