Stagnation Report 1/18

well not much to say, desperately looking for part time work, releasing a new quick app, and gotta make Clipz.

Stagnation Log 1/18
worked all night on the app design, i think i really fuckin nailed it. in my opinion its minimalism at it’s finest.

worked all night on app. Ima try going to sleep only when im so tired my eyes are falling shut. Based on experience thats when i get highest quality rest. so i been up almost 16 hours now, probably gonna push 30 hours tonight, rather sleep at nighttime.

i said i wouldn’t do it but here i am working for 8 hours straight on a new game instead of Clipz. It was supposed to be a super easy 1 day app but looks like its gonna be a day app i guess, maybe even 3 days, but hey its coming along real nicely and u never know, and since i aimed for 1 day, any extra time definitely won’t be weeks or months, just a few days MAX. im probably 50% done, one more hurdle to overcome and then the rest is easy.

im back to my roots, fundamentals. “a little bit every day, even just one line of code counts”. I couldn’t motivate myself to work on the app until i adopted my original mindset when i first started years back. I guess over the years the pressure grew, but looking back i got a lot of learning and work done when i just focused on daily action no matter how small. “Daily action no matter how small” is the name of the game, perhaps not with short term things that can be completed within a day, but for longer term projects i feel now that this is the right approach. Especially cause i don’t fuck with deadlines… fuck deadlines.
So… got some work done tonight on build settings and whatnot, thought some more on template design, its a creative progress but i think i made good headway towards a good design approach, just need to experiment and see if it actually works in practice.

’tis true, 2.5 weeks of not much work done. But tonight i worked on Clipz. Being unemployed and on my last 200 bucks is distracting… but im searching for work. once i get some stability i can breathe a sign of relief.

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