Stagnation Report 6/18

Here we go again…

Last 2 months arguably the least productive months since my journey began. I barely salvaged the very end of this month, otherwise id have an empty log.
I wanna say i’m back in action but im tired of talking.
Lets just say my priority is to stick to my daily routine, if i can do it then ill be putting in 2 hours a day on weekdays, and some more hours on weekends. At this point that would be insanely productive compared to the last few months.
This routine is my saving grace and i have been honestly trying my very best to stick to it.
Its really been challenging me to do so, i naturally hate routines and enjoy living willy nilly, but i believe that routines are incredible ways to get shit done and actually allow more time for freedom in the long term. Habitual routines increase efficiency because u dont have to think about what to do next.

I really want to do health related stuff every morning for the rest of my life. that would be a great start at least. Right now i got app work planned as the very last part of my day on weekends, or maybe before work starts, im not 100% commited to one approach, but i am trying, i will never give up even if it looks like im not progressing.

I will find a way to become the type of man who succeeds, i must, or i will certainly fail.
wish me luck, haha…

Stagnation Log 6/18
did banners for quick maths and worked a bit on music app

least productive month ever, but i never quit, and i worked a little on app tonight mostly refreshing my memory. I reworked my daily schedule by moving dinner to breakfast before work. It seems weird but i think its the best move i can do.

got a little app work done, any bit is better than nothing.


  • Zhan zhuang

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