Stagnation Report 2/19

Although overall a weak month, still more productive than January

I’m getting it now, i believe im getting it. Lets see how this month goes.

I’m glad i have this log and that i kept it for all these years so far. Whatever happens, at least i was honest with my self. Well… what’s the point of lying in your own damn journal.

I’m putting my money on Zhan Zhuang meditation, i think i’ve done it for almost 2 years now at least semi regulary. There is something there. Whenever i can maintain it i improve as a person in a holistic manner. It’s unexplainable by words without getting overly wordy, so i won’t bother.

Stagnation Report 2/19

did some prepping on the mac today, cleaned it out, updating, install new unity, etc

released whoosh pig update on android. did some dropbox cleaning. new whoosh pig trailer

released hoppity block on newgrounds and got like 10 reviews and almost 3000 views so far. Didn’t see that coming, pretty cool.
Got a some app work done today.

lots of app work done today.

finished my work for today, and on 2/8 as well just forgot to write it here.

completed my work first today.

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