Stagnation Report 2/21

never gonna quit


A vague goal that does not provide clarity for the process of reaching that goal is a useless goal.

I can make a vague goal “1 set of 100 leg raises”.
This workout is not so difficult to accomplish through mild to moderate muscle strain at most, but the resulting 100 leg raises will affect my body and mind and nervous system and all that shit in a fundamentally different way compared to a Zhan Zhuang effortless effort way.

A well defined goal will within itself provide the process to get there. If i say “1 set of 100 leg raises done in a effortless way, with complete body connectivity, relaxation, comfort, and awareness to the entire movement, AND on the way to getting to 100 leg raises I will maintain those same ZZ principles no matter at how many reps im on”, well that clarifies the HOW of reaching the goal quite well.

The goal becomes the process and the process becomes the goal.

Also i’ve woken up before 12PM for over a week now. I fixed my sleep without even an alarm. Since i was not even sleepy at 4AM+ i decided to just stay up and experience the morning sky to help fix my circadian rhythm. I stayed up until i was so tired i couldn’t control myself anymore and went to bed, so at first i crashed early afternoon. This helped me wake up past 6PM and it was easier to stay up even longer the next day so i went to bed past 6PM and was already much closer to the ideal sleeping schedule of going to bed at night and waking up early.

In a way this seems the best approach, cause I get to be up in the morning to get critical morning light, and i get to go to bed when im very very tired so i fall asleep super fast instead of lying in bed miserable for hours and hours.
And no alarm necessary cause eventually i was sleepy at 10PM so i was more motivated to go to bed.

However i noticed that if i didn’t get work done that i felt i needed to do it made me force myself to stay up too late.
It’s like if i don’t get some work done early in the day, it compels me to stay up late night to do some of it, cause usually afternoons are too distracting.

This kinda motivates me actually to do my work in the morning so i can be like “ok i did my work nice and early so when its nighttime i won’t feel a compulsion to stay up, ill be much more at peace with how my day went, i won’t have that feeling of “unfinished business”

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